Alert: Beware of

Alert: Beware of

SMS Scam Purporting to be from Maxis

The all-new Maxis Zerolution.
Zero barriers with more devices, for everyone.

Discover a world of device ownership freedom with Maxis Zerolution! Say goodbye to upfront payment and seamlessly integrate the latest smartphones and home devices into your life. Tailor your experience with flexible 24-month or 36-month plans, all while enjoying the ease of upgrading to a new device at the end of your contract, with no additional upfront costs. Maxis Zerolution - redefining tech convenience for you!

Discover the widest mobile range, zero barriers.

Easy Financing

Zerolution : Monthly Instalments
Up to 36 months | 0% interest rate

Maxis Trade In

Trade up and save on the latest device with better overtrade offers

Explore the latest home devices available to you
with Maxis Home Fibre

Easy Financing

Zerolution: Monthly instalments up to 36 months

0% Interest rate

Enjoy 0% interest rate on monthly instalments

Let us guide you through your home or mobile device purchase with Zerolution through WhatsApp

We'll guide you through with your selections:


Any Home Device purchases


Any Mobile Device purchases

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