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Unveiling the Top Camera Phones for Chinese New Year Photography

Unveiling the Top Camera Phones for Chinese New Year Photography

Capturing memories and precious moments has never been easier than it is today with the advent of the smartphone. In an era where instant sharing and digital memories are the norm, having a phone with a good camera is paramount to perfectly recording a moment in time.

With Chinese New Year fast approaching, there’s no better time than now to upgrade your phone to one of these top camera phones that can encapsulate the joyous atmosphere with your loved ones via photography. Ditch the blurry snapshots and invest in a phone that can truly capture the season's magic.

From high-end flagships to budget-friendly gems, these are the best camera phones that promise to enhance your photography experience and ensure that every moment is captured with absolute clarity and the vibrancy it deserves.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Remember Samsung reigns supreme in smartphone photography, and the S24 Ultra promises to raise the bar further. Past iterations like the S23 Ultra has provided a decent benchmark of what to expect and the next generation of high end flagship smartphones from Samsung certainly does not disappoint.

Pushing the boundaries of mobile photography to even higher heights, the S24 Ultra comes with a quad camera set up with a 200MP lens with AI processing and a new ProVisual engine for photos and videos that reaches new levels of clarity and detail. If you're looking for one of the best Android phones with a good camera, the S24 Ultra has arrived.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple is another leading smartphone brand that has dominated the scene ever since the very first iPhone was released. Today, the iPhone is synonymous with premium quality and beautiful photography. The best and latest iPhone model from Apple is the iPhone 15 Pro Max. With its 48MP main camera with second-generation sensor-shift stabilisation, every shot is elevated to professional-grade levels.

Super high-resolution photos, 25x digital zoom, and a cinematic ProRes video mode allow you to capture every nuance of your festivities. Add seamless AirDrop sharing between Apple devices, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max becomes the ultimate tool for documenting and sharing your Chinese New Year celebrations with loved ones.

Google Pixel 8 Pro

Google has dominated many facets of technology over the years and the smartphone industry is certainly no exception. Enter the Pixel 8 Pro, Google’s latest cutting-edge phone that is a photography powerhouse powered by AI which works behind the scenes to optimise every shot, regardless of lighting or scenario.

Some notable features include Night Sight which ensures your family reunion dinners remain bright even in dimly lit restaurants. For the ever-present photobombs, Magic Eraser can effortlessly remove unwanted distractions from your picture-perfect memories. Combine these features with a competitive price tag compared to other flagships, and the Pixel 8 Pro becomes an alluring option for people who are interested in looking for the best phone for photography during the Chinese New Year holidays.

Oppo Find N3

Ditch the awkward angles and unsteady tripods this Chinese New Year with the Oppo Find N3. This foldable smartphone “folds” open a world of creative photography possibilities with its revolutionary FlexForm Camera. Prop it anywhere, capture overhead shots of your reunion feasts, hands-free family Boomerangs, and unique firework shots — all without holding the device.

The Find N3 doesn't skimp on quality either. Its impressive 48-64MP triple camera system ensures vibrant detail in every capture, from intricate embroidery to warm lantern glows. Unleash your creativity and tell your story through captivating visuals with the Find N3.

While it’s not the most economical option, the Find N3 is one of the best phones that stands out in the crowd for its innovative form factor and impressive camera capabilities.

Honor Magic5 Pro 5G

With a triple 50MP rear camera setup and 4K video support, the Honor Magic5 Pro 5G can easily rival the image quality of other flagship phones from Samsung, Apple, and Google. Equipped with AI-powered motion sensing and photography modes that can elevate your shots, your precious Chinese New Year memories have never looked better!

The Magic5 Pro 5G ensures you miss nothing by automatically adjusting settings to optimise every capture, from vibrant fireworks displays to intricate lion dances. This MagicOS-powered (based on Android 13) model stands as a good camera phone on this list — offering flagship features at an affordable price.

Why keep the memories to yourself? The Magic5 Pro’s seamless compatibility with Maxis 5G postpaid plans makes it a must-buy this coming Chinese New Year.

Xiaomi Redmi 12 5G

If you’re looking for serious value then the Redmi 12 5G won’t disappoint. Don’t let the price tag fool you — Xiaomi doesn’t compromise on quality when it comes to this phone. The dual rear camera system (50MP + 2MP) shoots photos and videos with surprising detail and clarity. Imagine capturing the vibrant reds of lucky envelopes and the dazzling spark of firecrackers in crisp detail. And thanks to its long-lasting battery (5,000mAh), you can keep celebrating and snapping memories all day long.

So if you're on the lookout for a phone with a good camera, the Redmi 12 5G is the budget-friendly hero that you’ve been waiting for.

Capture the Magic of Chinese New Year with Maxis

From the highly anticipated Galaxy S24 series to the always-reliable iPhone, the best models that we’ve uncovered bring with them unique features and camera capabilities that can capture the vibrancy and joyous nature of your Chinese New Year celebrations.

Picking the right camera phone is a decision that hinges on your preferences and priorities — whether it’s a high-performing, high-resolution (and expensive!) flagship camera phone or a budget-conscious choice. Regardless of your choices, the perfect smartphone for you awaits.

Elevate this Chinese New Year to new heights with Maxis. Pair your new smartphone with our postpaid plans to get the most out of your celebrations and share the joy with friends and loved ones over social media.