Maxis Postpaid plans offer truly 5G experience with uncapped speed and up to 1,000GB in bonus 5G data

  • Uncapped speed for a truly 5G experience on any Maxis Postpaid 5G plan
  • From 80GB up to 1,000GB in bonus 5G data
  • More 5G devices available along with year-end deals and easy-to-own Maxis Zerolution 0% instalment plan

Maxis has enhanced its Maxis Postpaid 5G plans, which now offer up to 1,000GB in bonus 5G data. Complemented by the uncapped speed customers already enjoy, Maxis Postpaid provides customers with a truly 5G experience across all its plans.

The Maxis Postpaid 79, 109, 139, 169 and 199 plans now come with extra bonus 5G data at multiples of each plan’s 4G/5G quota. The additional 5G data starts from 80GB on Maxis Postpaid 79, one time the plan’s core 80GB 4G/5G quota, up to 1000GB on Maxis Postpaid 199, which is five times the plan’s 200GB 4G/5G quota.

With no speed restrictions, customers on any of the plans can enjoy a worry-free experience on Maxis’ truly fast and reliable 5G network across their streaming, gaming, surfing, video, or productivity needs.

The bonus 5G data will ensure they have ample data for all their mobile activities and data usage, including for connected devices via hotspot with no restrictions up to their data quota. All plans also come with unlimited calls and SMS.

At the same time, Maxis is enabling customers to get the latest 5G devices by making more devices available on contract with its Maxis Postpaid 79 and 109 plans, along with attractive year-end deals to provide even greater value.

Customers also have easy-to-own device options under Maxis Zerolution, an instalment plan of 24 or 36 months with 0% interest.


"We are pleased to introduce our enhanced plans which offer customers a differentiated 5G experience, as well as expanded device ownership options that provide them with greater value and flexibility. Given the encouraging early take-up of our 5G plans, we look forward to continue driving adoption through our fast and reliable 5G network and customer-centric offerings that our users can depend on for all their mobile needs,” - Loh Keh Jiat, Chief Marketing Officer of Maxis

Available now, customers can enjoy bonus 5G data via the new plans as follows:

Rate Plan Price/Month (RM) New Data Allocation
Maxis Postpaid 79 79 80GB (4G/5G) + Bonus 80GB (5G)
Maxis Postpaid 109 109 100GB (4G/5G) + Bonus 200GB (5G)
Maxis Postpaid 139 139 120GB (4G/5G) + Bonus 360GB (5G)
Maxis Postpaid 169 169 150GB (4G/5G) + Bonus 600GB (5G)
Maxis Postpaid 199 199 200GB (4G/5G) + Bonus 1000GB (5G)

Customers can easily upgrade to the new Maxis Postpaid 5G plans via the Maxis app with just one click.

For more information on the enhanced Maxis Postpaid 5G plans, visit the Maxis Postpaid FAQ.