Alert: Beware of

Alert: Beware of

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Maxis Business launches UsahaWIRA Programme to empower SMEs with digitalisation opportunities

  • UsahaWIRA programme features local hero entrepreneurs sharing experiences and real results to encourage SMEs to quickly adopt digitalisation
  • Programme will see a series of initiatives rolled out over the next few months, including various content, experiences and platforms for SMEs to gain insights from
  • Guiding SMEs every step of the way and helping them leverage the best technologies to Always Be Ahead in a changing world

Time and again, Malaysians have shown that the toughest situations can bring out the best in us, and one segment that has demonstrated this are the SMEs. Inspired by their entrepreneurial spirit and important role in the digital economy, Maxis has launched its UsahaWIRA programme to help them accelerate business reactivation and build resilience for the future through digitalisation. 

As part of the programme, Maxis will be rolling out a series of initiatives and relevant content with a focus on the SME Digitalisation programme and incentives by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). These initiatives will showcase success stories of real-life ‘UsahaWIRAs’ (hero entrepreneurs) that are already reaping the benefits of the Grant and digital solutions to inspire thousands of entrepreneurs across Malaysia. In addition, Maxis’ SME Help Squad will be accessible to answer any questions business owners may have on the Grant.

“As SMEs strive to protect their businesses in this challenging landscape, we are encouraging them to think of what they need, both now and in the future, to be future ready. The UsahaWIRA programme aims to empower them to act quickly in adopting digital technologies through learnings and results from experienced entrepreneurs. Our goal is to guide them every step of the way and help them leverage digitalisation, so that they can Always Be Ahead in a changing world,” said Paul McManus, Maxis’ Chief Enterprise Business Officer.

“The past year has brought into sharp focus the digital mandate, condensing the development of digitalisation in a short period of time. Digitalisation is no longer a choice but a necessity. To date, MDEC has onboarded 335,834 SMEs onto the digital marketplace and we continue to fine-tune and customise our outreach programmes in line with MDEC’s vision of Malaysia 5.0, a nation deeply integrated with technology that empowers inclusivity, sustainability and shared prosperity. We welcome Maxis’ UsahaWIRA programme which will give SMEs the confidence to take the first step in going digital through the SME Digitalisation programmes,” said Aiza Azreen Ahmad, Chief Digital Business Officer of MDEC.

Initiatives for Maxis’ UsahaWIRA programme

Ronda-Ronda Ketemu UsahaWIRA, Astro TV series

Led by celebrity host cum business owner, Ajak Shiro, the series follows his journey and a Maxis SME Help Squad representative as they ‘ronda-ronda’ (roam about) in search of UsahaWIRAs and their stories of how the taking up digital solutions through the Grant has enabled them to take their businesses to the next level. The weekly six-episode series will air on Astro Ria beginning 28 May.

UsahaWIRA film & customer featurettes

Maxis will be unveiling a short film ‘UsahaWIRA’ and customer featurettes, putting the spotlight on three UsahaWIRAs across Malaysia who overcame their challenges by digitalising their businesses with Maxis Business solutions through the SME Digitalisation Grant and obtained real results that have made a difference in growing their businesses.

Tanyalah Maxis

Maxis Business and MDEC will be releasing various content pieces including bite-sized TikTok-style videos to answer all SMEs’ questions about digitalisation and the Grant at the end of May

Spark UsahaWIRA

An extension of Maxis’ popular Spark series, Spark UsahaWIRA which will be launched in the next few months, is a full-day event featuring some of the biggest names in the industry along with successful entrepreneurs who will share their journey on digital entrepreneurship, and host multiple workshop sessions. Spark UsahaWIRA aims to highlight the role of digital technology as a key component of entrepreneurship in Malaysia today, as well as empower entrepreneurs and SMEs to grow their businesses by fully utilising the multiple facets of digitalisation, such as content creation, digital marketing, eCommerce and logistics.

Maxis has been supporting the SME and micro-SME community for several years now. As a Technology Solutions Provider (TSP) by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) under the SME Digitalisation Grant, Maxis is enabling SMEs who apply for the Grant through Maxis to choose from the widest range of connectivity and digital solutions to accelerate their digital aspirations. SMEs can leverage on Maxis’ digital marketing, electronic Point-of Sale, remote working and eCommerce solutions on the Next-Generation Enterprise Grade Network, and they can benefit from a single Maxis touchpoint for a one-stop onboarding experience, available across one of the widest retail networks nationwide.

Maxis also recently launched eKelas Usahawan, a structured digital marketing programme to empower women entrepreneurs in rural communities to develop a stronger digital presence. The programme comprises a series of digital marketing workshops at no cost, with a practical and hands-on approach to equipping them with digital tools and skills to help them grow their respective business and expand their income opportunities. 

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