Maxis unveils film capturing traditional art through the power of its network and iPhone 12 Pro

  • Collaborates with Wayang Kulit master puppeteer, Pak Cu, on a short film to reveal how technology and tradition intersect to connect stories to more Malaysians across the country
  • Leveraging the power of connectivity on Malaysia’s No.1 network with the capabilities of iPhone 12 Pro camera system to bring intricate details of Wayang Kulit craft to life on the screen
  • Maxis committed to bringing together the best of technologies to enable people to Always Be Ahead in a changing world

Maxis has unveiled an inspiring short film, Layar Harapan, that celebrates the intersection of technology and tradition. A story of a Wayang Kulit master puppeteer, or Tok Dalang, in Kelantan named Pak Cu and his grandson Adam, the film showcases their zeal for more Malaysians to understand and appreciate the beautiful art of Wayang Kulit, and the role that technology plays in empowering them.

“The story of Pak Cu and the tradition of Wayang Kulit exemplifies the reason why tradition and technology should not only co-exist but should exist to amplify one another. Maxis is in a unique position where we can leverage the power of technology and our No. 1 network to ensure that the experience and art is delivered in its full glory, and brought to a wider audience around the country. We want to inspire more Malaysians by bringing together the best of technologies that will enable individuals and the nation to Always Be Ahead in a changing world,” said Tai Kam Leong, Head of Brand & Marketing, Maxis.

“At first I did not think I would have a successor to my craft, however to my delight, my grandson Adam has inherited my love for it and I hope that he will be able to carry on this legacy to the next generation. The interest in Wayang Kulit is waning as most Malaysians have not had exposure to the performance and appreciate its beauty. I believe that technology is not a barrier, rather it can be a channel to bring this beautiful artform to more people and I’m glad that Maxis is helping create an awareness around Wayang Kulit,” said Eyo Hock Seng (Pak Cu).

Where tech and tradition meet

Layar Harapan is told through the intrepid eyes of eight-year-old Eyo Adam, Pak Cu’s grandson and heir to his Wayang Kulit legacy. The short film depicts the strong bond between grandfather and grandson over their love for the traditional art, and importantly the co-existence between tradition and technology as they enable each other to thrive in a fast-changing world. To develop the film, Maxis worked with Pak Cu, who has been a Tok Dalang for more than 40 years and was named a Living National Treasure by the Information Communication and Culture Ministry in 2012, as well as Adam, who hopes that he will be able to bring the art to more Malaysians.

With the evolving times, the interest in Wayang Kulit is diminishing, and the decline in Pak Cu’s audience numbers has been exacerbated by the pandemic. To help preserve their stories, Maxis is leveraging the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s advanced camera system with Cinema Grade Dolby Vision and capability to capture in extreme low light conditions to bring the intricate details of the craft to life onscreen, and deliver it to a wider community across the country through a seamless experience, powered by Malaysia’s No.1 network. Shot entirely in Kelantan, a hub of culture and heritage, the collaboration showcases Maxis’ commitment to deliver the best connectivity experience and its 4G network coverage for all Malaysians nationwide.

Maxis unveils film capturing traditional art through the power of its network and iPhone 12 Pro

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