Maxis Brings Families And Friends Closer Together This Chinese New Year Using The Power Of Mobile Gaming

Chinese New Year is a time for families and friends to come together and reconnect, but at times, we tend to be more engrossed in our devices than interacting with our loved ones. This year, Maxis wants to harness the power of technology to spark more conversation, using one of the hottest mobile games of 2019 – Dooit Live.

Through its partnership with Dooit Live, Maxis will be hosting 16 awesome live game sessions from 4 to 19 February on the mobile gaming app, featuring 11 CNY-themed questions that are relatable to all Malaysians. The goal is to answer the questions correctly within 10 seconds in order to win real prize money. This festive activity aims to spark interesting conversation and debate, and is best taken on as a team, where the young and old can lean on each other’s knowledge, experience and subject familiarity, so, gather all your relatives, friends and neighbours to put your heads together and win.

Here’s where it gets really exciting – to increase your chances of winning, watch ‘Maxis Presents: Clash of Clans’ on 28 January, to get the answers to some of the questions that will be featured.

“Some might say technology can be distracting, but we harness it to truly celebrate bonds and togetherness this Chinese New Year. In collaboration with Dooit Live, whose mobile app-based quiz games favour collective playing, we are proud to bring a limited time period series of games that rewards the closest of families and friends. While it features up to RM188,000 in cash prizes, the true prosperity this festive season is discovering quality time with your loved ones in a fun, exciting way,” said Tai Kam Leong, Head of Brand and Partnerships, Maxis.

Dooit Live is a trivia game show app that you can download and play on your phone. Each game runs at specific times a day, where the game show host asks 11 multiple choice questions with increasing difficulty. Players have to answer the questions correctly within 10 seconds for a chance to win the pool prize. The amount is then shared among the number of players who have won.

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