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Alert: Beware of

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Experience Zero Worries For All Your Phone Needs With Maxis Zerolution360

Whether it’s for checking and replying emails, banking, shopping, hailing rides or getting directions, our mobile phones have become essential in our daily lives. Which is why going ‘phoneless’ is no longer an option.

Today, Maxis is introducing a completely new way of using a device with the launch of Zerolution360, a phone membership programme that offers customers a complete 360 worry-free experience for all their device needs – from the point of signing up and using to maintaining and upgrading in the future.

With Zerolution360, customers can choose any flagship phone in range and MaxisONE plan they want, with zero upfront payment and no credit card needed, as well as a comprehensive protection plan - for an all-inclusive device experience. The key benefits customers will enjoy include immediate one-for-one replacement for lost or damaged devices, total device protection as well as free phone upgrades every two years with an option for annual upgrades for a fee. Customers who sign up for this membership programme do not need to contract with our plans.

“It goes without saying that mobile phones have become our lifeline; an essential tool that connects us to work or for personal matters. So, to lose access to our devices under any circumstance is not an option. Through Zerolution360, we are making customers’ device experience and maintenance completely worry-free, not only by giving them the freedom and flexibility to own a device the way they want, but offering them a truly worry-free experience where they can go about their lives, uninterrupted,” said Arjun Varma, Maxis’ Head of Postpaid.

Here’s how Zerolution360 works:

3 Steos for Zerolution 360

Customers can choose from a wide range of high-end flagship phones with an affordable monthly fee (fee varies depending on the price of the device). They also have the option to choose between two protection packages, Basic and Premium. With the Premium package, which is just an additional RM10/month, customers will get priority repair services with faster repair times, a back-up loan phone, and a one-time free screen replacement.

zerolution360 vs zerolution vs standard plan

To sign up for Zerolution360, visit any Maxis Centre or Maxis Exclusive Partner store nationwide. To find out more about Zerolution360, watch this video or visit