1,000 Maxis employees take on frontliner roles to help customers with solutions

  • Maxis employees nationwide sign up to be frontliners, STORMED malls and commercial neighbourhoods to help customers get the best out of their fibre and mobile solutions, optimise Internet experience
  • Day-long campaign part of Maxis’ commitment to deliver differentiated and unmatched personalised experience
  • Introduces all-new ‘Test My Home Wi-Fi’ feature now launched on MyMaxis app for fibre customers to optimise their WiFi connection

Riding on the positive momentum of its successful fibre broadband and strong take up of MaxisONE Prime converged plan, Maxis wants to continue to deliver a differentiated and unmatched personalised experience. Armed with knowledge, the all-new ‘Test My Home WiFi’ feature on the MyMaxis app and sheer passion, close to 1,000 Maxis employees played the frontliner role as Maxis Ambassadors at malls and commercial areas nationwide, to help consumers and businesses get the best out of these products and to optimise their Internet experience.

Stationed at Maxis Centres nationwide and various commercial neighbourhoods across the country, customers were assisted by employees on home and business fibre as well as mobile solutions. They were also guided on how to use the ‘Test My Home WiFi’ feature, a self-diagnostic function which enables fibre customers to test and optimise their WiFi connection at their homes or offices.

“There is no doubt that our customers love and depend so much on the Internet. We not only want to create the right products to complement their ever evolving digital lifestyles, but to also provide the best service we can. This campaign is about having meaningful conversations with our customers and elevating their experience. At Maxis, one of our key goals is to deliver a differentiated and digitalised unmatched personalised experience, and this is a demonstration of that commitment. We are also proud of our passionate employees who signed up for this day-long campaign,” said Tan Lay Han, Maxis’ Chief Sales and Service Officer.

Offering the best in converged solutions

With families becoming more connected than ever, Maxis made it simpler to manage mobile and fibre plans with the launch of MaxisONE Prime in October 2017. Being the first converged offering in Malaysia, the all-in-one family plan comes with unlimited data and high speed connection for the entire family, supported by superfast, ‘Always On’ home fibre with auto cutover No. 1 4G LTE network as back-up. Customers can also choose from a wide range of devices for the home or mobile on Zerolution, with zero upfront payment and interest.

Following its immensely successful Fibrenation campaign in August last year, Maxis continued to elevate its fibre broadband experience with three new superfast Internet speeds – 300Mbps, 500Mbps and 800Mbps – available for both consumer and businesses in April this year. Beyond the new speeds, Maxis also ensured that customers enjoy a better WiFi experience with its fibre offerings, built for each customers’ needs depending on their home or office size, plus the first mesh WiFi devices to deliver strong WiFi signals in every corner of the premise.

To sign up for MaxisONE Prime, customers can visit any Maxis Centre nationwide. Alternatively, please visit www.maxis.com.my/prime. To find out more on Maxis fibre broadband or sign up immediately for plans, simply visit www.maxis.com.my/fibrenation.

For more information on Maxis products and services, visit www.maxis.com.my



Always Be Ahead in a changing world

Maxis makes commitment to enable customers to Always Be Ahead in a changing world

In a time of constant change across the world, driven especially by advancements in technology, Maxis today unveiled its new brand purpose: To bring together the best of technologies to help people, businesses and the nation to Always Be Ahead in a changing world. The new brand purpose was launched in conjunction with Maxis’ 25th anniversary and the upcoming Merdeka celebrations, to signify the intertwining of Maxis’ and Malaysia’s past, present and future journey together in this rapidly evolving digital age.

Natalia Navin, Chief Human Resource Officer, Maxis

Maxis launches three new scholarships in building future technology and innovation leaders

In its commitment to building tech-savvy and forward-thinking leaders, Maxis has launched three new scholarships to support the aspirations of bright and deserving young individuals. Candidates can apply for the Maxis Women in Tech Undergraduate 2020 Scholarship, Maxis Tech Undergraduate 2020 Scholarship and the Maxis Young Leaders Undergraduate 2020 Scholarship. Due to the overwhelming response received from applicants, the initial submission deadline of 31 August has now been extended to 14 September to allow more students to apply.


Maxis calls on organisations to rethink Digital Transformation Strategy through Retransformation

Maxis is calling on organisations in Malaysia to rethink and reevaluate their digital transformation strategies.