Giving students the freedom to learn beyond the classroom with Maxis eKelas 


John Mackwin, a Form Two student from Kg Taee, Serian, Kuching lights up when he talks about his experience on putting up a performance for the eKelas English drama competition. “My friends and I like to perform and it’s definitely easier to learn when you’re having fun. We read the script together, understand it so that we can speak it correctly, and use the right tones and expressions. Even if we’re shy, it’s more fun to be involved in a group project and do things together.”

John is just one of the many students who are benefitting from the Maxis eKelas programme here. His group won the first place for the overall form two students in the eKelas drama competition which saw participation from over 400 students from 72 participating Pusat Internet.

Maxis eKelas continues to receive enthusiastic response. The flagship programme is currently being delivered at 72 Pusat Internet located across 10 states in Malaysia, with over 10,000 students connecting through the programme via the eKelas portal. In Sarawak alone, there are 21 Pusat Internet located in Kuching, Miri and Sibu, where students have access to eKelas. The programme is made possible by Maxis’ partnership with Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission, as it is run at their Pusat Internet which serve as digital hubs for communities in underserved areas.

Exemplifying this enthusiasm are the eKelas students of Pusat Internet Kampung Taee, who are some of the most engaged and participative in the programme. Apart from clinching the first and second place for the overall Form Two students in the eKelas English Drama competition, students from Kg Taee also won the festive decoration contest and last year, while eight students from here qualified for the eKelas Holiday Camp held in Kuala Lumpur last year. 

Congratulating the students at the Hari Gawai celebration held at Pusat Internet Kg Taee last week, Gokhan Ogut, Maxis’ Chief Executive Officer said, “Maxis eKelas programme brings digital learning closer to the community especially for students in the rural areas. By leveraging technology, we are able to connect students to experienced teachers and through the eKelas portal, and provide access to quality learning content. The portal has given the students the ability to continue learning beyond school hours. Additionally, with activity-based learning through eKelas’ live tutorial session, students get to work in groups and explore beyond what is in the book. Kg Taee is a good example how a community comes together to embrace technology and benefit from it.”

“The villagers are very grateful to have the chance to experience digital learning near their homes here in Kg Taee. The students are provided with the chance to develop their talent, skills and learning development. Words cannot express how proud we are of our students who are very active in the eKelas sessions. Many thanks to MCMC and Maxis for providing us with a creative and innovative environment at PI Kg Taee,” said Jacques Kantuh, village headman.

eKelas is Maxis’ flagship community programme that aims to improve the academic performance of students in rural communities. It is an after-school digital learning initiative for students from Year 6 to Form 5, which brings learning enrichment in a fun and vibrant way and provides access to quality education content, in line with the Malaysian School Syllabus. Focusing on Science, Mathematics and English, students are exposed to experiential learning through a combination of live tutorials, group learning, competitions and digital content, as well as motivational sessions by Maxis’ own young talents. 

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