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Open Maxis app and click "Deals".
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check and download the available Maxis deals?
You can download Maxis app from Google Play Store or App Store and select ‘Deals’ tab.

Where do I find my downloaded Maxis deals?
All downloaded Maxis deals are under ‘Downloaded’ tab.

I have downloaded a deal but the voucher is missing from my downloaded tab, what can I do?
The deal may have expired and you can view it under ‘Download History’.

I accidentally clicked “Use Deal Now” and my voucher is missing, what can I do?
You can view the deal and retrieve the voucher under “Download History”.

The outlet denied my redemption / my voucher code as invalid. What can I do?
Please clarify with the outlet manager on the Maxis deal offer. If there are further questions, please call us at 123.