Kongsi Home

Let's Build Hope,
One Home At A Time

The Kongsi Home Project is a collaboration between Maxis, Epic Homes, and Malaysia’s biggest online retailers. We want to transform Malaysian e-commerce, into e-charity.

This New Year, you can help a needy family by shopping for yours. How? By purchasing parts of a house online for RM8, which goes to building homes for the needy. So do your bit today. After all, as fellow Malaysians, your family’s larger than you think.

Here’s how you can Kongsi-A-Home!

Help donate building materials.

Step 1

Head over to any of our retail partners’ website!

Step 2

Purchase any house part at RM8!

  • Window
  • Window
  • Window
  • Window
  • Window

Step 3

Parts purchased will be donated to Epic Home. Well done!


You can also volunteer to be a home builder

You can volunteer for three days home building projects.
Volunteer with EPIC Home

Our Progress

- EPIC Homes built so far.

To build one EPIC Home, we need

2,000 nails | 500 wooden planks | 10 windows | 4 water taps | 3 doorknobs | RM42,000 | 10 volunteer home builders

The best way to get prosperity, is to give prosperity.

We got Master Meng to guide you through the best Kongsi Home items to get to activate health, wealth and prosperity! Watch here: