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Our updated General Terms & Conditions of Services is effective from 20 December 2020. Refer to

Our updated GTC, effective from 20 December 2020, Refer


Call Management Services

Value added services for your calls. 

Focus on your conversations. We'll help you manage the call itself

Here's a list of our services that can help you manage your calls. Scroll down to find out more about each service.

Call Forwarding

Never miss another important call. Forward the calls to another mobile, fixed line or your voicemail for only RM3/month.

See below for the different forwarding conditions that you can forward a call.
Note: All forwarded calls to the designated phone number or voicemail will be charged as per current Maxis call charges.


Call forward if busy (Divert if busy)

Forward all incoming calls to another designated phone number or voicemail when you’re engaged or busy on another line.

Call forward if not answered (Divert if not answered)

Forward all incoming calls to another designated phone number or voicemail when you’re not available to pick up your calls.

Call forward if not available (Divert if not available or unreachable)

Forward all incoming calls to another designated phone number or voicemail when your phone is switched off, out of batteries or out of network coverage area.

Forward all calls (Divert all calls)

Forward all incoming calls to another designated number or voicemail regardless of conditions.



Activate your favourite services directly from your mobile.
Through EasyMenu, you can access services like Caller Ringtones,
Roam *120* and more. 

Call Waiting

Get notifications about incoming calls and choose to take the call, ignore it or reject it.

Worldwide easy access using EasyMenu *100#

No registration fee, only a monthly fee of RM3

Decide which caller gets to be on hold or ignored


Call-Me-Back *126*

If your line has been barred or you're out of credit, you can send an
SMS to other Maxis or Hotlink subscribers asking them to call you back.
Zero charges applied.

Dial *126* followed by the recipient's number.
Wait for the notification.
Then, wait for your call. It's that simple.

*This service is only available for barred (Maxis)
or deactivated or out-of-credit (Hotlink) accounts.
Maximum usage is 3 times per month.


Your own personal answering machine with no monthly fee charges.

Missed Call Notifications

Maxis Postpaid customers can enjoy Missed Call Notifications, Return Call via Voicemail and Voicemail Outcall services.

Accessible Message Storage

Have a small archive of messages that you can access through the same phone or using another phone.

Personalised Message

Record your own away message and change it anytime.

Caller Information

Identify the caller's number, date and time of call while listening to your messages.

Caller Line Identification
(CLIP) and
Caller Line Identification

CLIP allows you to identify the number of the
incoming call.

CLIR allows you to control the display of your
Maxis mobile number when you're calling
another number.

There is no charges for CLIP. For CLIR, there is a
registration fee of RM10 and a monthly fee of RM5.