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MCMC Volunteer Surveys, 22 Apr - 31 Dec | Click here for more details.

Notification on plan name changes

We are updating our plan names to make it easier for our customers to discover our products and services. Effective 26 April, you will see these new names gradually reflected at Maxis' stores, web and other communications to you. All plan features and rates that you currently enjoy will remain the same. Please refer to the list below on the name changes.

Current Plan Name New Plan Name
Maxis plans & services  
MaxisONE Plan Maxis Postpaid
MaxisONE Share Maxis Postpaid Share 48
MaxisONE Home Fibre Maxis Fibre
MaxisONE Home Voice Fibre - Voice
MaxisONE Prime Maxis Unlimited Postpaid & Fibre
MyMaxis App Maxis app
Hotlink plans & services  
Hotlink Flex Plus Fibre Hotlink Postpaid & Fibre
Hotlink Postpaid Flex Hotlink Postpaid
Hotlink Flex App Hotlink Postpaid app
Hotlink Red App Hotlink app
Maxis Business plans & services  
ONEBusiness Flexi Maxis Business Postpaid
ONEBusiness Smart Maxis Business Postpaid & Fibre
ONEBusiness VoiceGo Maxis Business Voice Go
ONEBusiness VoiceConnect Maxis Business Voice Connect
ONEBusiness VoiceSIP Maxis Business Voice SIP
ONEBusiness Fibre Maxis Business Fibre
ONEBusiness Flexi Smart 48 Maxis Business Postpaid Share 48
ONEBusiness Hub Maxis Business Hub
MyMaxis Biz App Maxis Business app