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Travelling to a different country? Check roaming rates here.

All for RM38/day. No surprise costs.

Additional 500MB/day and continue with unlimited usage of local data in your DataPool

Make and receive unlimited calls.
To and from any country.

Send unlimited SMS.

How to get started.

MaxisONE Plan users are automatically subscribed to MaxisONE World. All they need to do is just to switch on their roaming in their phones.

  1. Turn on data roaming, make or receive a call, or send an SMS.
  2. Receive MaxisONE World confirmation SMS.


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Don't get stuck sharing a hotspot
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible for MaxisONE World pass?

MaxisONE World pass is open to all MaxisONE plan subscribers however it is not yet available for MaxisONE Business subscribers. Stay tune for upcoming data roaming offers for MaxisONE Business.

What are the countries covered by MaxisONE World pass?

You’ll be able to subscribe for MaxisONE World in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. 

How do I subscribe to MaxisONE World pass?

There is no subscription required. When you are abroad with your MaxisONE plan, any calls (received or made), any SMS sent, any data used (via webpages, apps, and all other platforms) will automatically kick start your MaxisONE World pass.

How am I charged for MaxisONE World?

With MaxisONE World, you will only be charged at a maximum of RM38/country/day.

Will I be informed on the MaxisONE World pass subscription?

Yes, you will be informed via SMS notification.

What is the validity of the pass?

The pass is valid till midnight of the visiting country’s capital city time. E.g. If you are in Philippines, the pass expires at 12 midnight Manila time.

What if I finish 500MB MaxisONE World pass quota?

You will receive an SMS notification when you’ve reached 100% usage of your 500MB high-speed data quota. Subsequently, your usage will be drawn from domestic data quota with no additional cost.

What if I finish my domestic data quota?

Your browsing will be on reduced speed without additional charges. To continue browsing at normal speeds, buy any Maxis One Time Pass exclusive for MaxisONE plan customers via MyMaxis App.

How many MaxisONE World pass that I can buy at same day?

You can only buy 1 MaxisONE World pass per day (following the local time of your visiting countries).

Can I use Singapore MaxisONE World pass in other country?

MaxisONE World pass is country specific. E.g. Singapore passes cannot be used in Thailand or other countries.

What happens if I return to Malaysia and the MaxisONE World Pass is still valid?

You can continue to browse on the MaxisONE World pass domestically in Malaysia until pass expiry (roaming country capital city time).

I am on MaxisONE Share; will I be able to share the MaxisONE World pass with my Principal line while roaming?

The MaxisONE World pass is a non-sharing pass and cannot be shared between Principal and Share Line therefore each line is required to purchase its own MaxisONE World pass.

After exhausting the MaxisONE World pass, further usages will be drawn from the data sharing passes.  

Can MaxisONE plan subscribers buy RM38 Data Roam Pass in MaxisONE World countries?

No, we definitely want you to get the most out of your ONE plan. MaxisONE plan customers will automatically be on the MaxisONE World pass upon any usage (receive call, make call, send SMS or use data) in mentioned ASEAN countries.

What are the types of call that would enjoy unlimited usage?

You can enjoy unlimited calls via Direct Dial in roaming country, Malaysia and other countries and also via Roam120 dial pattern. You can also enjoy unlimited incoming calls.

To enjoy this feature, you must be hooked on Maxis preferred operator as stated in Welcome SMS

What happens if I am not roaming on preferred operator and I make calls?

Any usages (calls, SMS and data) outside of preferred operator will not be covered by the pass and will be charged separately. For your convenience, please ensure that you manually select preferred operator that is indicated in our Welcome SMS and pass activation SMS.

What are the types of Mobile Internet passes that I can browse on after 100% usage of MaxisONE World pass?

While roaming in the 9 countries, after consuming the 500MB MaxisONE World Pass, you may continue to browse on the following passes

  • One-time pass (expires at bill cycle date)
  • Auto Renew Pass
  • Monthly based plan

Please note that time based passes and free promotional passes (eg Free 1GB for 6 months) are not available for roaming usage)

I am subscribed to Surfmore 50, am I entitled to purchase the MaxisONE World pass?

The MaxisONE World pass is exclusively offered to MaxisONE plan subscribers. To enjoy MaxisONE World pass in the 9 countries, we recommend that you switch to MaxisONE plan before you travel

Why do I see a charge of RM10 & RM28 in my bill instead of RM38?

Our charges are based on the tiered usage. The first 2 minutes of calls, for example, will only cost you RM10. If you happen to use more than that, you’ll be charged RM28 additional, and you can use unlimited calls, SMS and data on that day.

Singapore charges will be reflected in your bill as RM5 for 1 min call, + RM5 for additional 5 mins call, +RM28 for unlimited. 

What happens when I have subscribed to MaxisONE World Pass and change rate plan on the same day?

Your active MaxisONE World Pass will expire immediately once you have changed the rate plan.

I did not use much data, how come am I charged RM38?

If you exceeded 256kb data, you’ll be automatically subscribed to the MaxisONE World Pass. You will get a notification SMS when your pass is activated. Our advice? Enjoy your unlimited calls, SMS and data (500MB + MaxisONE plan data). Just use your phone like back home. 

Can I unsubscribe to MaxisONE World Pass?

You will not be able to unsubscribe once you have purchased MaxisONE World Pass.

I am subscribed to Share N Surf and the Primary SIM is registered with MaxisONE plan. Would I be able to share Unlimited Calls & SMS and share data with my Secondary SIM?

If you bring both Primary and Secondary SIMs to the same roaming country, you will be able to share the data between the 2 devices. However, calls and SMS using the Secondary SIM will be charged at Pay-Per-Use rates.

If Primary and Secondary SIMs are being used at different countries at the same time, the primary line will automatically get unlimited calls, SMS and data at RM38, while the secondary line will get a data pass at RM38. Calls and SMS using the Secondary SIM will be charged at Pay-Per-Use rates.

What if I just need to make a call or two when I’m abroad?

We have a few a safety tiers in case of accidental usage or if you just want to use minimal when you travel (applicable to 8 ASEAN countries).

  • Tier 1: RM10 - Call less than 3mins, send 1-3 SMS, use less than 256kb data
  • Tier 2: RM38 - Call more than 3mins, send more than 3 SMS, use more than 256kb data

There are different tiers for Singapore, as below:

  • Tier 1: RM5 – Call less than 1min, send 1-5 SMS, no use of data at all
  • Tier 2: RM10 – Call between 1 min to 5.59mins, send 6-15 SMS, use less than 128kb data
  • Tier 3: RM38 – Call more than 6.00mins, send more than 16 SMS, use more than 256kb data
Is Maxis DataRoam Pass / MaxisONE World bundled with free Travel Protection?

The free Travel Protection promo has ended 30 Nov 2016.

When is the last day to claim?

For all claims, please submit to ACE within 30 days of the incident giving rise to a claim.

Is it possible to call TollFree Service numbers by using mobile phone?

Yes, you may call TollFree Service numbers by using your mobile phone. It’s free to call Tollfree 1800 number from mobile phone which was in effect since Jan 2011. However, local call charges apply based on prevailing TM published rate for the caller calling to Tollfree 1300 numbers.

What is the charging rate for call make to 1300 numbers?

Call to 1300 number is charged at RM0.15/min

Terms and Conditions

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