Here’s how it works:

Any one of you activates MaxisONE World pass at RM38/day.

All Share Lines under the same account will enjoy unlimited roaming for FREE with Maxis FamilyRoam pass.

Unlimited data, calls & SMS

Available in 9 ASEAN countries

No sign-up required, just turn on & roam

Available for all MaxisONE plan, MaxisONE Share plan and MaxisONE Prime subscribers.

Here’s where your family can roam!

How to enjoy Maxis FamilyRoam pass:

Maxis FamilyRoam

Step 1

Your principal line and supplementary line(s) travel to the same country.

Step 2

Either a principal line or a supplementary line turns on data roaming to activate MaxisONE World pass for RM38/day.

Step 3

All other lines can then turn on their data roaming to automatically enjoy FREE roaming with Maxis FamilyRoam pass.

If you have more questions about Maxis FamilyRoam, please dial 123 within Malaysia or *123# if you are abroad. 

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Unlimited calls & SMS

Additional 10GB monthly (5GB for DataPool and 5GB for 4G weekends)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible for Maxis FamilyRoam?

All subscribers of MaxisONE Plan 98/128/158/188 (including MaxisONE Sabah/Sarawak Plans), MaxisONE 4G Combo 148/198 and MaxisONE Prime with Share Lines (on MaxisONE Share) are eligible to enjoy Maxis FamilyRoam.

I am existing Maxis customer who is currently using the Surf more 30 plan. I would like to sign up for Maxis FamilyRoam.

Great. You just need to upgrade your plan to MaxisONE Plan. Currently, all subscribers of MaxisONE Plan 98/128/158/188 (including MaxisONE Sabah/ Sarawak Plans) and MaxisONE 4G Combo 148/198 with share lines (on MaxisONE Share) are eligible to enjoy this Maxis FamilyRoam. This is applicable for both new and existing customers.

What are the countries covered by Maxis FamilyRoam?

Maxis FamilyRoam is available in 9 ASEAN countries: Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

What is the charge for Maxis FamilyRoam pass?

With Maxis FamilyRoam pass, you will only be charged at a maximum of RM38/country/day for your entire family who roam with you.

What is the difference between MaxisONE World pass and Maxis FamilyRoam pass?

MaxisONE World pass and Maxis FamilyRoam pass are available in the same countries. When roaming alone in these countries, you will enjoy MaxisONE World pass which gives you unlimited calls, SMS, 500MB additional data, and access to your domestic data quota. If your family line(s) roam with you, Maxis FamilyRoam will allow them to enjoy the same benefits at no additional cost.

Can I choose to subscribe MaxisONE World pass or Maxis FamilyRoam pass?

Both MaxisONE World pass and Maxis FamilyRoam pass cost RM38 per country per day and are automatically activated by making/receiving calls, sending SMS or using data while abroad. The first line that starts roaming will activate MaxisONE World pass, and all other subsequent family line(s) will roam on Maxis FamilyRoam pass without extra charges.

How do I subscribe to Maxis FamilyRoam pass?

No manual subscription is required. You just need to make/ receive calls, send SMS, or use data (via webpages, apps, and all other platforms) to trigger Maxis FamilyRoam pass automatically.

How does Maxis identify if the line(s) belong to the same family?

Principal and Share Line(s) under the same account and share a DataPool are considered a family. Both principal and Share Line(s) can activate RM38/day roaming for the entire family when they are travel together in the 9 ASEAN countries.

What is the minimum usage to trigger Maxis FamilyRoam pass?

All subsequent principal or share line(s) will automatically enjoy the benefits of Maxis FamilyRoam pass after the first line activates MaxisONE World pass.

Will I be informed on the Maxis FamilyRoam pass subscription?

You will be informed via SMS notification on MaxisONE World pass activation. Your other family line(s) that travel to same country will receive notification on MaxisONE World pass activation if they use roaming.

How do I know if my family line(s) may roam for free with Maxis FamilyRoam pass?

Your family line(s) travelling to the same country will receive an SMS notification offering FREE roaming after the first line activates MaxisONE World pass.

Does the principal line need to travel with the other family line(s) to enjoy free roaming with Maxis FamilyRoam pass?

No, the other family line(s) can travel without the principal line and enjoy free roaming with Maxis FamilyRoam pass after the first family line has activated MaxisONE World pass.

Do I need to do anything to get my family line(s) to roam for free?

No, once the first line has activated MaxisONE World pass by using roaming, the rest of the family line(s) traveling together will be notified that they are entitled to free roaming.

What happens if I have subscribed to MaxisONE World pass but my family line(s) are travelling in a different country?

Your family line(s) will be subjected to the normal roaming charges as MaxisONE World pass/Maxis FamilyRoam pass benefits are only extended to family line(s) roaming in the same country.

I am the principal line holder. Will I be charged if any of my share line(s) activate Maxis FamilyRoam pass?

No, the charges will be billed to the first line that activates MaxisONE World pass each day.

What is the validity of the pass?

The pass is valid till 11.59pm of the country’s capital city time. E.g. If you are in the Philippines, the pass expires at 12 midnight Manila time.

How much quota will I get from Maxis FamilyRoam pass?

You and your family line(s) will get 500MB quota each.

What if I finish the 500MB quota?

You will receive an SMS notification when you’ve reached 100% usage of your 500MB high-speed data quota. Subsequently, your usage will be drawn from your domestic data quota at no additional cost.

What if I finish my domestic data quota?

You can continue to browse at a reduced speed without further charges. To browse at normal speeds, MaxisONE Plan customers can purchase an exclusive Maxis One Time Pass via MyMaxis App.

Can I use Singapore Maxis FamilyRoam pass in other countries?

Maxis FamilyRoam pass is country-specific. E.g. A pass activated in Singapore cannot be used in Thailand or any other country.

What is included in the unlimited calls and SMS?

You can enjoy unlimited calls (both incoming and outgoing) via direct dialing/Roam 120 to any country. To enjoy the full benefits of Maxis FamilyRoam or MaxisONE World pass, please ensure your device is connected to our preferred operator.

What happens when I have subscribed to Maxis FamilyRoam and change my rate plan on the same day?

You can continue to enjoy Maxis FamilyRoam pass if you are changing to other MaxisONE Plan. However, Maxis FamilyRoam pass will be deactivated if your new rate plan is not a MaxisONE Plan. DataRoam Pass and standard rates for calls and SMS will apply for any roaming usage.

Can I cancel my Maxis FamilyRoam pass?

You will not be able to cancel Maxis FamilyRoam pass once it has been activated.

I am subscribed to Share N Surf and the primary SIM is registered with MaxisONE Plan. Would I be able to share unlimited calls & SMS and share data with my secondary SIM?

If you bring both primary and secondary SIMs to the same roaming country, you will be able to share the data between the 2 devices. However, calls and SMS using the secondary SIM will be charged at pay-per-use rates. If primary and secondary SIMs are being used at different countries at the same time, the primary line will automatically get unlimited calls, SMS and data at RM38, while the secondary line will get a data pass at RM38. Calls and SMS using the secondary SIM will be charged at pay-per-use rates.

Can my family line(s) enjoy Maxis FamilyRoam pass if I am subscribed to RM1 unlimited roaming for Singapore/ASEAN?

Yes, your family line(s) can enjoy Maxis FamilyRoam pass after any one of your family line(s) activates the RM38 MaxisONE World pass.

Can my Maxis 4G Combo Share Line enjoy FREE roaming with Maxis FamilyRoam pass if the principal line subscribes to MaxisONE World pass?

No, MaxisONE 4G Combo Share Line(s) will enjoy the standard MaxisONE World pass at RM38 per country per day in 9 ASEAN countries.

Terms and Conditions

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