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Frequently Asked Questions

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I have downloaded a deal but the voucher is missing from my downloaded tab, what can I do?

Your deal may have expired. Please dial 123 from mobile if otherwise & our customer care agent will assist you.

I accidentally clicked “Redeem Now” & my voucher is missing, what can I do?

Please dial 123 from mobile & our customer care agent will assist you.

The business denied my redemption / my voucher code is invalid, what can I do?

Do clarify with outlet manager on their MyMaxis Deals offer, for any queries, please dial 123 from mobile & our customer care agent will assist you.

Can I share my downloaded MyMaxis Deals voucher with others?

No, voucher is non-transferable. Only original app voucher will be accepted.

Troubleshooting for error messages:

What is the MaxisONE Club Cashback?

MaxisONE Club Cashback offers members cashback on over 500 online sites such as Lazada, Agoda and Zalora through our partner, ShopBack. 

What is Cashback?

Cashback is the sum of money that the member will receive back once a purchase transaction has been completed. When a MaxisONE Club member shops online through ShopBack, ShopBack will give a portion of the money spent back to the customer as Cashback into their ShopBack account.

What is special about MaxisONE Club Cashback?

Members will get to enjoy up to 50% extra Cashback at up to six top online shopping sites every month. Additionally, members will get a RM20 bonus Cashback when they sign up for a MaxisONE Club ShopBack account at www.shopback.my/maxis.

Upon sign-up, RM15 will be credited to the Bonus wallet instantly. The additional RM5 ShopPerks will be credited after users have completed these 3 steps and will show as bonus within 24 hours of completion: 

  1. Update profile under Account Information
  2. Click through merchant 
  3. Make a purchase

What can I do with the Cashback I have earned?

With the Cashback amount collected in their ShopBack wallet, MaxisONE Club members can use the amount to pay their Maxis bill. Alternatively, they can also cash out to their own bank accounts.

I’m already an existing ShopBack user and I’m a MaxisONE Club member too. Can I use my existing ShopBack account to enjoy the MaxisONE CLUB benefits?

As this program is exclusively reserved for MaxisONE CLUB members, a one-time registration of a new MaxisONE CLUB ShopBack account is required. To sign-up, go to www.shopback.my/maxis

On the sign-up page, you just need to key in your email address, password and Maxis mobile number (Format: 601XXXXXXXX).

Who do I contact if I have any queries on the Cashback offers at ShopBack?

You can email ShopBack at help@shopback.my or call their helpline +603-2630 8438, Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm. 

I’m already an existing ShopBack user and I’m a MaxisONE Club member too. Can I still enjoy the RM20 bonus?

As this program is exclusively reserved for MaxisONE CLUB members, a one-time registration of a new MaxisONE CLUB ShopBack account at shopback.my/maxisoneclub is required to enjoy the RM20 bonus.

When can I redeem my RM20 sign-up bonus?

You can redeem your bonus when you have a minimum of RM10.00 in “Redeemable” Cashback. Your Bonus Cashback will be automatically included into your payout.

Where can I view the latest MaxisONE CLUB extra Cashback deals?

The details of the MaxisONE CLUB Extra Cashback deals are updated on maxis.com.my/rewards. The offers and merchants will be updated and refreshed every month.

After I have registered for a ShopBack account, how do I shop to earn Cashback?  

1. On ShopBack, browse hundreds of merchants and click on any store.

2. Get redirected to the selected merchant’s site and stay on that page all the way.

3. Shop as usual and make your purchase on the merchant’s site. 

4. Your Cashback will be automatically added to your ShopBack account within 48 hours.

5. Repeat the entire process starting at ShopBack every time you make a purchase!

6. To ensure successful Cashback:

  • Do not click on coupon websites. 
  • Only use coupons that ShopBack provides on the site. 
  • Use the same device throughout (example: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop) 
  • Enable cookies on your device.

How do I request for a payout to Maxis to pay my bill?

To cash out, you must have a minimum of RM10.00 “Redeemable” Cashback in your ShopBack account. Any “Bonus” Cashback will not count toward the RM10.00 cash out requirement.

Follow these steps to request for a payout:

  1. Indicate your preferred MaxisONE Club mobile number
  2. Click on “Update Information” to save the information
  3. Scroll up and click “Cashback Details”
  4. Go to the “Redeemable” section. If the “Redeemable” amount is more than RM10.00, you can request to cash out by clicking “Request payout”
  5. Your Cashback will be processed and deposited into your selected MaxisONE CLUB account within 7-14 working days. There will be no service charges. An SMS will be sent once payment is updated sucesssfully.

Note that Cashback is only valid for 1 year after turning “Redeemable” and must be cashed out within that period.

Can my supplementary line users under my MaxisONE CLUB account get the same benefits?

Yes, they can. They just need to register for a MaxisONE CLUB ShopBack account at shopback.my/maxis.

I’m already an existing ShopBack user and I’m a MaxisONE Club member too. Can I transfer the cashback from my existing ShopBack account to my MaxisONE CLUB ShopBack account?

The cashback from your existing ShopBack account cannot be transferred to your new MaxisONE CLUB ShopBack account.