What is Maxis Rojak 360°?

To celebrate Merdeka and Malaysia Day this year, we worked with YouTube and multiple homegrown award-winning storytellers to create Maxis Rojak 360° - Malaysia’s first 360° film series.

Using YouTube’s 360° immersive video-on-mobile platform, each of these films will require you to move your phone around so you can experience Malaysia from different perspectives.

Let’s celebrate Malaysia’s colourful diversity, its unique local dialects and cultural traditions, across the country!

Award-winning storytellers with their Rojak 360° stories

The Ming Thing

“I want to tell a story about what it's really like being friends. No prejudice or judgment and we are all friends no matter who we are.

Also, the little things in life that often go unnoticed. That is something that we really want to highlight as well.”

Denes Kumar & Vimala Perumal

“We make films about the many different people that we have met in our lives. Rich or poor, young or old, they inspire us!”

RED People

“Most of us Malaysians grew up consuming foreign films and music. That's why we are drawn towards Western cultures.

Actually, Malaysia holds many interesting things that we have yet to embrace. My inspiration comes from Malaysia and all the little details of our everyday lives.”

Coming Soon in September

Junad Mohd Nor

“As individuals, we are all different. In our beliefs, our strengths, and our weaknesses. For this project, I want to celebrate our differences.

As Malaysians we need to accept these differences and move forward together.”

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Click here to find out why Maxis is Malaysia’s No.1 4G network

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