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  • 10Mbps
  • RM 139 119/mth

Complimentary unlimited iflix access

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Unlimited voice calls to all mobile and landlines**

FREE Home phone

  • 30Mbps
  • RM 179 139/mth

Complimentary unlimited iflix access

FREE Maxperts consultation with end-to-end-setup

Unlimited voice calls to all mobile and landlines**

FREE Home phone*

  • 50Mbps
  • RM 219/mth

Complimentary unlimited iflix access

FREE Maxperts consultation with end-to-end-setup

Unlimited voice calls to all mobile and landlines**

FREE Home phone*

  • 100Mbps
  • RM 299/mth

Complimentary unlimited iflix access

FREE Maxperts consultation with end-to-end-setup

Unlimited voice calls to all mobile and landlines**

FREE Home phone*

*Free Home phone is only applicable for new customers

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*Note: Should you require non-standard installation, you will need to bear the additional charges. For table rates, click here and then scroll down to ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section and click on the ‘Installation’ tab. Maxis reserves the right to impose a cancellation fee of RM200 should the installation be cancelled by the customer within 3 days of the confirmed installation date.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Before installation - Appointment and Preparation

When and how will the installation date be set up?

Our team will call you within 48 hours of your registration to set the date for installation. You can find out more information

Can I chose my own installation date?

Our team will call within 48 hours of your registration and you may choose your preferred date and time base on our available slots.

What do I need to prepare prior installation?

Please get ready three (3) power outlets and some cash as charges may apply for cabling depending on your requirement.

If I need to change and reschedule my installation, who should I call?

To reschedule, email us at; do contact us four (4) days prior to your installation date to avoid any late cancellation or reschedule charges.

Should I need to reschedule my installation appointment, will there be any penalty imposed?

There will be a charge of RM 200.00 if you reschedule or cancel your appointment within 3 days of your previously set appointment.

Do I need to be present on the day of installation? Can I appoint someone else at home?

Please be at home personally for any decision required for cabling, placement of equipment, payment for cabling (if any) and also to acknowledge the completion of installation.

Is there any cost involved in the installation?

Standard installation is free of charge; however, if you require non-standard installation such as hidden cabling, charges will apply. You will liaise directly with the contractor on your requirement and charges.

What is standard installation?

The standard installation covers the first 100 metres (outside your home) from the nearest Fibre Distribution Panel to the modem (inside your home). The installation provided is of standard specifications (over wall with clip).
Cost for any non-standard type of installations, such as over the ceiling, underground ducts, concealed wiring, and so on if required will be borne by you.

What is non-standard installation?

If the installation varies from standard installation, and involve any of the following, it will be considered as non-standard installation
I. hidden cabling or behind the wall
ii. External cabling from pole to ground surface

How soon will my MaxisONE Home Fibre been installed?

Our team will call you within 48 hours of your registration to set the date for installation; and your installation should be done within 14 working days from your registration date.

Will you give me details of my installer?

We are unable to give the installers' details; the installer assigned will call you 1 hour prior to your installation.

Who will attend to my installation appointment?

At least one Maxis installer will be involved. Depending on the infrastructure, in some areas two installers will be at your premise to complete the installation.

Will there be any reminder prior to my installation?

Yes, you will receive a call 4 days before the installation and a reminder via SMS 1 day prior to the installation. On the installation day, our installer will call contact you an hour before the installation.

Whom should I refer to if the installation did not happen as scheduled?

You may email us at to check on your installation; we will respond to your email within 24 working hours.

During Installation

How long will the installation take?

Standard installation will be completed within 4 hours. Sometimes it may take more time due to non-standard installation or other complications.

What will happen during the installation?

Maxis installer will be at your premise for approximately 3-4 hours and do the following:-

  • Advice you on the standard procedure of the installation.
  • Perform device setup and Wi-Fi optimization at your premise.
  • Get your consent if any additional cabling or non-standard installation is required.
  • A troubleshooting tip sticker will be given to you stuck on your router.
How many pieces of equipment will I be given in the installation?

There will be up to three (3) pieces of equipment:-
1) Modem (same modem will be used for existing customers' upgrades)
2) Router; and
3) Cordless DECT phone (if applicable).
The warranty periods are: life-long warranty for modem and 1-year warranty for router and cordless DECT phone.

If I want to set up my own network behind the Maxis router can Maxis installer help me with the configuration?

The scope of work of Maxis installer includes standard cabling/wiring and configuration of the modem and router provided by Maxis only.

Will there be any drilling involved during the installation?

Potentially, there may be drilling to connect the high speed Internet service to your house. Maxis installer will ask you for your consent for the connection design and drilling.

My premise is a 3-storey house and I would like to install the service on the 3rd floor. Is it possible?

The service can be installed wherever you prefer, just inform the installer of your desired location upon his arrival and he will provide you with a sketch design for your approval. He will also discuss with you on the charge for non-standard installation (such as hidden cabling) if required.

After installation - Completion of Installation

What can I expect when the installation is completed?

Once the installation is completed, you are required to sign the Work Completion Form. You are advised not to remove or relocate the modem after the setup as the Wi-Fi coverage is already optimized.
After installation, you may receive a SMS survey on the recent installation done at your premise.

What is MaxisONE Home Fibre Year End Sale?

The MaxisONE Home Fibre Year End Sale is a special year end promotion to our existing MaxisONE Home subscribers who are out of contract and new MaxisONE Home customers.

When is the campaign period?

The MaxisONE Home Fibre Year End Sale will start on 14th November 2017 and continue to run until further notice.

Where can I sign up for MaxisONE Home Fibre Year End Sale?

You may sign up MaxisONE Home Fibre Year End Sale at all Maxis sales channel including Maxis Centers, Maxis Exclusive Partners, and all authorized reseller and via call in.

What is the package offering for this campaign?

The 10Mbps at only RM119 is only applicable to NEW subscribers with a 24 months contract.

The 30Mbps at only RM139 is applicable to NEW and existing MaxisONE Home out of contract customers with a 24 months contract.

What will happen to my MaxisONE Home Fibre after 24 months?

Your subscription will revert to normal retail price after 24 months.

MaxisONE Home Package 1st -24th months (Monthly promo package) 25th months onwards monthly package
10Mbps RM119 RM139
30Mbps RM139 RM179
I am an existing MaxisONE Home Fibre subscriber. Can I subscribe to this MaxisONE Home Fibre 30Mbps Year End Sale promotion?

a. If you are no longer on contract, you may subscribe to the 30Mbps promotion with new contract to enjoy the special price and savings.

b. If you are within contract, you can upgrade to the 30Mbps promotion with new contract to enjoy the special price and savings.

c. Existing customer who takes up the new promotion, are not entitled for the free home phone

I have fulfilled 2 years MaxisONE Home Fibre contract, can I migrate to this package?

Yes, you may subscribe to the 30 Mbps promotion with a new 24 months contract to enjoy the special price and savings. 10 Mbps promotion is only applicable to NEW subscribers.

Terms and Conditions

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