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More than a phone.

Smartphone, Data and Ultimate Warranty from RM78/mth

Ultimate Care,
the Future-Proof
Warranty Coverage.
At No Extra Cost.

Up to 12-month Screen Crack Coverage

1 for 1 Device Replacement

24-month Warranty

24/7 Dedicated Hotline

No Upfront Payment*

Up to 10GB Data

50 minutes Call Time**

*Waiver of upfront payment depends on customer’s eligibility.
**Calls to all network
Please see FAQ for more information on eligibility.

Choose between
2 powerful 4G smartphones


For all your essential needs

All-in-one price: RM78/mth

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Screen Size
5.5" FHD
Memory Size
24 Months Warranty
6 Months Screen Crack Coverage
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For a superior experience

All-in-one price: RM98/mth

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Screen Size
5.5" FHD
Memory Size
24 Months Warranty
12 Months Screen Crack Warranty
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the ‘NeXT Powered by Maxis’ i.e “Offer”?

This Offer consists of-
1) NeXT M1/X1 device;
2) Postpaid Starter Plan 78/Postpaid Starter Plan 98 and;
3) NeXT device warranty.

What’s new with the ‘NeXT Powered by Maxis’ ie Offer?

The enhanced ‘Next generation phone experience’ now comes with more data with Postpaid Starter Plan 98 carrying a total of 10GB data monthly and Postpaid Starter Plan 78 carrying a total of 5GB data monthly.

Am I eligible for the new enhanced plan?

All existing Postpaid Starter Plans customers will be automatically upgraded with enhanced data quota effective 7th December 2017 onwards. You don’t need to do anything at all.

How can I enjoy this Offer?

To enjoy this Offer, sign up for a new line with a NeXT device. You may not choose any of the three elements individually, such as signing up for the plan without the NeXT device.

What if I am already a MaxisONE customer (with contract/without contract)?

You will need to sign up for a new line with a NeXT device to enjoy the offer.

What if I am a MaxisONE customer and currently contracted? Can I still enjoy this Offer?

You will need to sign up for a new line with NeXT device to enjoy the offer.

Will I be tied to a contract if I purchase the Offer?

Yes. If you take up the Offer, you will be tied to a 24-month Postpaid Starter Plan contract with us.

What is the ‘0 upfront payment’ offer?

This offer is available for customers with good payment records or new customers with bills of RM50 and above in the last 3 months. New or existing customers must sign up for a new line with Maxis to enjoy this offer.

Where can I get this offer?

Simply drop into any of our Maxis Centres or Maxis Exclusive Partners, or purchase on the Maxis Online Store.

Can I choose devices other than the ones listed in the Offer?

The Offer is only available for the listed devices. You may view our RM1 smartphones available with MaxisONE Plans here.

Can I upgrade my plan to a MaxisONE?

You may upgrade your plan anytime; however an upgrade fee may be applicable.

How can I get more data?

You can purchase daily mobile internet passes specific to this plan i.e. 500MB/day for RM5, 1GB/day for RM8 or 3GB/3days for RM12 via MyMaxis app or UMB.

Can I roam and use the data abroad?

The allocated data is only for domestic usage – however you can use your data abroad with our DataRoam pass at a flat rate of RM38/day.

Can I sign up for a MaxisONE Share Line under this plan?

You will need a MaxisONE principal plan to enjoy benefits such as data sharing with MaxisONE Share Lines, MaxisONE World etc.

What is NeXT powered by Maxis Warranty?

This is a warranty guaranteed by Maxis for each customer who purchases a NeXT device. The warranty is provided by the respective manufacturers.

What are the benefits of the warranty?

> Each customer who purchases a NeXT powered by Maxis device will be protected with three different warranties.

1) 24-month device warranty (for manufacturer defects);
2) 12-month warranty for accessories i.e. 3-pin charger, USB cable and earpiece.
3) Up to 12 months’ screen crack coverage.

How do I file a warranty claim for my NeXT device?

For damages related to the device, you need to walk in to any Maxis Centre or selected Maxis Exclusive Partners to file a warranty claim.

For questions related to the warranty, you may visit (need to create redirect URL to the Warranty T&C) for full warranty terms or call 1 800 822 888.

How do I know if my device damages are covered within warranty or not?

Please refer to below damages for some of the damages (below list is non-exhaustive)

Warranty Category Within Warranty Outside Warranty
24 months device warranty
(Manufacturer’s defect)
Bloated battery Liquid damage
Functional defects– button, speaker, charging port, etc. Screen damage (after screen crack coverage ends)
Software related Missing physical parts
LCD discolouration Lost/Stolen
6 or 12 months screen protection Hairline scratch to full LCD screen crack Liquid damage
How does the 1-for-1 replacement work?

If device damage is within warranty, we will issue you a replacement unit and collect your damaged device. This 1-for-1 replacement is only valid once within the 24-month device warranty. As for accessories, for damages covered under warranty, you may be given replacements for new accessories up to 6 times within the 12-month accessories warranty.

This 1-for-1 replacement is exclusive for manufacturing defects covered under the warranty. For screen crack damage, you will need to surrender your device for repair, and it will be returned to you within 7 working days.

What if my device is damaged and I have used the 1-for-1 replacement?

If device damage is within warranty, you will need to surrender the device for repair and it will be returned to you within 10 working days. You will need to walk-in to the store to pick up the repaired device.

Terms and Conditions

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