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Expand your horizons 
when you travel

Enjoy mobile data just like at home in over 115 countries.

The world is your oyster with DataRoam Pass

From uploading pictures of camel-riding in Dubai to GPS-navigating throughout the winding Italian countryside, use your data anytime you want!
With DataRoam Pass, you can stay connected and enjoy up to 500MB of high-speed data in over 115 countries. If you have the Maxis
wireless broadband service, you can even activate data roaming on your tablet devices. 

All for a flat rate of RM38/day!

Wondering where to go next?

There are over 115 countries to enjoy your DataRoam Pass in!

Great reasons to get DataRoam Pass!

Auto Subscription

Sit back and relax after your initial purchase.

No Bill Shock

Data pass is readily available on your preferred operator.

Local Capital Time Validity

Expires at midnight your local capital time, so you don’t have to worry about time differences.

How to subscribe

Step 1 : Just turn on your data roaming when you are abroad.

Step 2 : An SMS notification will be sent once your
subscription is successful.

Not on Maxis?

Subscribe to a MaxisONE Plan to get your DataRoam pass, and you’ll soon be enjoying unrestricted roaming all over the world!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DataRoam Pass?

The DataRoam Pass is a roaming Internet pass for Internet browsing whilst travelling abroad. It is a daily pass at RM38/day (Selected Country). The pass is available for both Mobile Internet & Wireless Broadband.