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Music Unlimited

Stay tuned to all your favourite music streaming services anytime.

Stay on the beat always

Unlimited data for music streaming plus manage payment for music subscription easily with us.

Unlimited data for your music streaming

Just RM1/day or RM5/mth.

Hassle free subscription

Hassle free subscription

Charge your music streaming subscriptions to your Maxis bill.


Stream from these apps and services with your Music Unlimited Pass







Hot FM

Fly FM

One FM

Kool FM

Era FM

Hitz FM

Sinar FM

Mix FM

Lite FM

Melody FM

Thr Raaga

Thr Gegar

BFM 89.9

Durian FM



City Plus

How to get your Music Unlimited Pass

  1. From the home screen, click "Get More Data".

  2. Select "Daily Pass" (Time Based) OR "Monthly Pass" (One Time).

  3. After selecting your desired pass, click "OK" to confirm your purchase.

  4. You will receive an SMS confirming that your pass is active.

Charge your music streaming subscription to your Maxis bill

Whether you're going premium, pro or VIP, manage your bill directly with Maxis.

Charging Spotify premium subscription to your Maxis bill

  1. Go to Spotify and log in or sign up for a Spotify account.

  2. Select 'Get Premium'.

  3. Select payment through your mobile phone bill.

  4. Select Maxis as your payment partner, enter your details and continue with the payment.

  5. You will receive an SMS confirmation on your successful subscription.

Charging KKBOX premium subscription to your Maxis bill

Ensure that you're on the Maxis network instead of WiFi when registering.

  1. Go to KKBOX and click "SEE PLANS".

  2. Select "Maxis" as your payment option.

  3. Select "Postpaid".

  4. Sign up/Log in to KKBOX with your account details.

  5. Click to confirm subscription activation.

  6. Receive an SMS confirmation and start enjoying KKBOX.

Get up to 3 months of JOOX VIP for free

Double the fun at the price of one when you charge to your Maxis bill

  1. Buy 1 month JOOX VIP and get 1 month extra for only RM29.8 RM14.9.




    Buy 3 months JOOX VIP and get 3 months extra for only RM89.4 RM39.9.

  2. Just purchase your JOOX VIP and charge via Maxis to enjoy.

Applicable for Maxis & Hotlink users only. Promotion period: 28th June 2021 – 28th July 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Music Unlimited Pass?
All Maxis Postpaid plan customers are eligible to purchase Music Unlimited Pass.

What is the price of Music Unlimited Pass?
1 Day Music Unlimited Pass is priced at RM 1 per day and Music Unlimited Monthly Pass is priced at RM5 per month.

How do I subscribe to Music Unlimited Pass?
You can subscribe to Music Unlimited Pass via Maxis app. Please note that Music Unlimited Monthly Pass will automatically renew upon expiry.

Launch App > Get More Data > One Time Pass > Mobile Internet Music Unlimited Monthly

Launch App > Get More Data > Time Based Pass > Mobile Internet Music Unlimited 1 Day

What can I utilize the Music Unlimited Pass for?
Music Unlimited Pass can be used to stream top music applications including Spotify, JOOX, KKBOX, Raku and local radio stations. Please refer to our website for the full list.

Please note that your music streaming usage is subjected to Maxis Fair Usage Policy at

Can I share the Music Unlimited Pass with my Maxis Postpaid Share lines?
Music Unlimited Pass is non-shareable.

Click here to read full terms and conditions.