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Our updated General Terms & Conditions of Services is effective from 20 December 2020. Refer to

Our updated GTC, effective from 20 December 2020, Refer

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Here's a step-by-step guide for your Fibre Service Transfer Request

Fibre Transfer Request
  1. Visit a nearest TMpoint near you. Click here for TMpoint locations.
    Be sure to do this within 10 days to avoid cancellation of request.
  2. At the TMpoint, request to Transfer Service to Maxis Fibre.
    • ONLY Unifi owner to walk-in. No transfer of names required for Transfer Request
    • Mention to “Transfer Service” and not termination
    • Pay all outstanding bill plus 1 month advance payment
    • Do not surrender your equipment until installation with Maxis takes place
  3. You will receive a confirmation call within 6 working days if your application is approved.
  4. Your Maxis Fibre installation will be completed within 10 working days after the transfer request is approved & your existing service will be auto disconnected.