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Frequently Asked Questions

Samsung TV Trade-in Program

  • Samsung is offering Maxis customers who sign up for a Samsung TV under Home Zerolution to trade-in their old TV for a cashback up to RM700. Samsung’s appointed vendor will provide a free collection and disposal of the old TV when the new Samsung TV is delivered to customers’ premise.

    1. Sign-up for a Samsung TV under Home Zerolution
    2. You will receive a trade-in interest form through Whatsapp after you have signed up
    3. If you are interested, simply reply ‘yes’ and Samsung’s appointed vendor will do trade-in evaluation when they deliver the new Samsung TV to your premise
  • The Samsung TV trade-in program is available from 15 December 2023 to 27 June 2024, or while stocks last.

  • Customers who sign up any new Samsung TV under Home Zerolution (24 or 36 months instalment) will be eligible. Subject to Terms & Conditions of the Samsung TV Trade-In Program.

  • Any Maxis Home Fibre and Maxis Home WiFi plans which offers a Samsung TV.

    Note: Home Fibre must be installed prior to the sign up of Home Zerolution contract

  • You just need to purchase Samsung TV at any Maxis Stores or Online. Trade-in program will be offered to you through WhatsApp or by Samsung’s appointed vendor at point of device delivery.

    Note: Maxis Zerolution and Samsung TV Trade-in Program are two separate programs. If you participate in the Samsung TV trade-in program and receive a quotation that does not meet your expectations, you are not allowed to cancel your Maxis Zerolution or contract penalty will be triggered.

  • The program will be available nationwide, excluding Pulau Ketam, Tioman, Langkawi, and Pangkor

  • Samsung’s appointed vendor will provide an on-site assessment of old TV during installation of new Samsung TV. You may refer to the trade-in form for an estimation. Trade-in value will only be confirmed after on-site assessment.

    Size (inch) LED Plasma Spoilt (Broken, No Power, Line, Back Light, Heavy Dot, Burn Mark) / But free Disposal
    32 - 39 inch 70.00 20.00 0.00
    40 - 50 inch 180.00 30.00 0.00
    51 - 60 inch 380.00 100.00 0.00
    61 inch & Above 700.00 200.00 0.00
  • Yes. Samsung’s appointed vendor will provide a trade-in quotation during visit to your premise. If you are not satisfied with the quotation, you can reject the quotation and opt out of the trade-in program.

  • You may trade-in only ONE (1) unit of TV for every purchase of a new Samsung TV under Home Zerolution.

  • Yes, eligible TV brands for trade-in include:

    1. Samsung
    2. Panasonic
    3. Sharp
    4. Skyworth
    5. Philips
    6. Haier
    7. TCL
    8. Hisense
    9. Hitachi
    10. Sony
    11. Toshiba
    12. Xiaomi
    13. LG
    1. All TV models must be less than 10 years old,
    2. Only Plasma, LED, QLED or OLED TVs will be collected,
    3. The TV must have a SIRIM Sticker, and
    4. If there isn’t no remote control or if the remote control is not working, RM 10 will be deducted.
  • Trade-in is not available for faulty or broken TVs; TV which can’t be turn on, the shell of TV is dented, cracked or has burnt mark or the screen has line, backlight or heavy dot will not be accepted.

    However, Samsung’s appointed vendor can assist to dispose the spoilt TV without charges.

  • You will receive payment for your trade-in value via online banking within 10 working days after device is collected.

  • For any queries regarding the trade-in program, please reach out to Samsung’s appointed vendor (MTT Solutions Sdn Bhd) via email at, or send a message via WhatsApp to 012-9696 305.

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