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Alert: Beware of

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • All Maxis Fibre customers are eligible to sign up for this Secom Smart Security plan.

    For new Maxis Fibre customers; fibre installation has to be completed first as setting up Secom Smart Security devices requires Home WiFi connection.

  • You may sign up for this Secom Smart Security Plan at selected Maxis Centres, on the Maxis official website or call in. 

  • There are 6 basic plans which you can subscribe to:

    1. Prime (CCTV only)
    2. Prime Pro (CCTV only)
    3. Vanguard (Sensors and monitoring only)
    4. Vanguard Plus (Sensors and monitoring only)
    5. Champion (CCTV, Sensors and monitoring)
    6. Champion Plus (CCTV, Sensors and monitoring)

    To subscribe, visit ;

  • Secom Smart Malaysia is a smart security solutions provider with over 30 years experience in the Malaysian home and small business security solutions. For more details on Secom Smart Malaysia please visit

  • Yes, there will be a 36-month contract for new sign ups.

  • If you decide to terminate the subscription before the end of the contract period, a penalty fee of the remaining subscription months will be imposed.

  • No, you can add this Smart Security plan to your existing Maxis Fibre service.

  • Yes you may change your Maxis Fibre plan and maintain the Secom Smart Security Plan, but we do not recommend this as it may require reconfigurations of you existing setup.

  • No you may not. You must maintain a Maxis Fibre plan to continue to enjoy the exclusive offer via Maxis.

  • Yes you may do so. To terminate just your Secom Smart Security plan, walk into a Maxis Centre or call in to 123. You may however be subjected to termination penalty for your smart security service if you are still within the contract period.

  • Yes you can. There are also CCTV-only plans available should you choose that option.

  • If you’re facing trouble with your Secom Smart Security service, please contact 03-9236 1800 and select option 5 


  • SECOM Smart Malaysia will call you within 2 working days of your registration to set the date for the security service installation.

  • You can choose your preferred date and time when you receive call for appointment, subject to availability.

  • Your installation should typically be done within 14 working days from your registration date.

  • Please be at home personally for any decision required for cabling, placement of equipment, additional device or cabling requirements (if any) and also to acknowledge the completion of installation. As the principal keyholder, your acknowledgement is necessary.

  • To reschedule, please call Secom Smart Malaysia at 03-9236 1800 and select option 5. Do contact them at least four (4) days prior to your installation date to avoid any late cancellation or reschedule charges. 

  • There will be a charge of RM 120.00 if you reschedule or cancel your appointment within 3 days of your previously set appointment.

  • Standard installation is free of charge; however, if you require non-standard installation such as hidden cabling, charges will apply. 

  • SECOM Smart’s installer will be present to set up your devices and related login portals.

  • Currently, rest day installations are not available

  • Drilling may only be required if a new plug point needs to be created for the CCTV camera.

  • Once the installation is completed, you are required to sign the Order Completion Form. You are advised not to remove or relocate the security devices after the setup to prevent damages and tampering. After installation, you may receive a SMS to notify the details of your security service subscription.

  • For Secom Smart Security devices and connectivity, download SECOM Smart Security apps from google store or app store.

The FAQ’s are meant for clarification purposes only. The FAQ’s may be modified from time to time. Please refer Terms of Use and Terms & Conditions of the products and/or services for more information.

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