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Affordable Tablets for Students: The Best Tabs for Study

Affordable tablets for students

The world has become increasingly digitised and because of this, many of our daily processes are now being supported by technology such as smartphones and tablets. From running a business to entertaining ourselves to even aiding in studies for our students, these modern hardware are an overall boon to our society. Specifically, tablets have shown great potential in increasing the efficiency of studying. That being said, there is an ever-present issue that needs to be addressed: the affordability of tablets.

This article will examine various affordable tablets that students can leverage for their studies. We’ll not only look at the price, but also other key features that are needed in a suitable tablet for students like the battery life, performance, durability, and accessories (comes with pen, casing, etc.)


If you’re a student looking for an economical tablet to support your study sessions, this tablet is definitely worth consideration. With the HONOR Pad X8, you’ll find one of the best tablets for students on a budget that’s equipped with a decent processor, 64GB internal storage, and 4GB RAM — a trifecta of specs that offer commendable performance at great value. Plus, the 10.1-inch TFT LCD display that comes with the HONOR Pad X8 is a good size so that you don’t strain your eyes when studying!

Lenovo Tab M10 Gen 3

For students who have access to a slightly bigger budget, the Lenovo Tab M10 Gen 3 is another good tablet for study. This model boasts a Unisoc T610 CPU, with the usual 64GB internal/4GB RAM specs that make up a majority of modern and affordable tablets. Similar to the Pad X8, this tablet is equipped with a 10.1-inch display, but that’s where the similarity ends. The Tab M10 Gen 3 comes with an IPS LCD display that can deliver a vibrant visual experience — perfect for any student’s academic journey.

realme Pad Mini

For students who prefer style and substance, this compact tablet comes in at a thickness and weight of just 7.6mm and 372g respectively. Make no mistake about it, the realme Pad Mini is anything but “mini” when it comes to the features. This practical tab for students comes with an 8.7-inch IPS LCD display, which is slightly smaller than our previous two entries, but it still boasts the usual specs (64GB memory, 4GB RAM) that you’ll find in many tablets in the market today. In combination, the realme Pad Mini is one of the best tablets for students on a budget who are in pursuit of academic excellence.

Redmi Pad

The Redmi Pad offers a solid blend of affordability and performance. It features a decent CPU processor, with 128GB worth of internal storage and 4GB RAM rounding up its specs. But what makes this tablet worthwhile lies in its substantial 8000 mAh (a battery capacity larger than any other tablet on our list) battery that allows for uninterrupted focus for longer periods of time.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite LTE

For the truly budget-conscious, there’s no better tablet for study than the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite LTE. While this model is not necessarily one of the newest on our list, it still boasts a reasonable set of specs (68.7-inch display, 4GB internal, 4GB RAM) that is perfect as a tab for students.

Power Up Your Studies with the Power of Affordable Tablets

The tablet has become an indispensable tool in helping students achieve academic success. The right tablet, whether with a pen or without, can be a game-changer for students so it is important to choose the right one. Our top five picks of the best tabs for studying will give you some ideas on what to pick but ultimately, the best tablet for you will depend on your needs and preferences.

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