Unlocking Roaming Potential: Top Destinations for Malaysian Travellers

As the world becomes more interconnected, exploring new destinations has become vital to broaden our horizons and expose ourselves to diverse cultures. As Malaysians, we are truly blessed to have one of the most powerful passports in the world which can open the doors to countless destinations. It goes without saying that Malaysians should travel more!

In this article, we will unveil some of the top destinations Malaysians can travel to and truly enjoy the full potential of postpaid roaming. Staying connected while creating precious memories across the globe has never been easier with Maxis.

Best International Roaming Plans for Overseas Travel

Singapore - Cosmopolitan Vibes Across the Causeway

With its close proximity, Singapore has long been a favourite destination for Malaysians. In fact, it is due to the geographical closeness of Singapore that complements the seamless connectivity you get through postpaid data roaming. The tiny, yet vibrant island nation across the Johor Causeway offers a remarkable blend of modernity and cultural diversity. Singapore boasts numerous landmarks and intertwining streets that you can explore, from the iconic Marina Bay Sands to the historic Merlion to the colourful streets of Chinatown. These locations are rich in heritage and culture, as well as offer gourmands the opportunity to sample delicious street food.

When you’re in Singapore, consider roaming to stay connected while you delve into the city's iconic cosmopolitan vibes.

Thailand - Beaches, Culture, and Street Food Galore

Photo by Sumit Chinchane on Unsplash


Thailand is a beloved destination adored by many and for good reason. With a cacophony of stunning beaches, rich heritage, and a vibrant street food culture, Thailand offers an enticing roaming experience when you visit. From the hustle and bustle of Bangkok city to the ancient mysteries of Wat Arun to the pristine, white sandy beaches of Phuket or Krabi, you’ll find that Thailand is one of the best destinations to visit as a Malaysian. Better yet, Thai street food is a beloved culinary delight not to be missed!

With postpaid roaming services, Malaysian travellers can easily capture and share their gastronomic adventures in Thailand on social media.

China - Ancient Heritage Meets Modern Cityscapes

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China presents a fascinating juxtaposition between ancient historical sites and modern marvels that is the perfect destination for any history lover who intends to visit. Whether it’s the great wonders of the Great Wall of China or the futuristic cityscapes of Shanghai and Beijing, the country offers a unique journey through time where you can see firsthand how the country has evolved to its current state.

But why keep the memories to yourself? Maxis’ postpaid roaming services in China offer Malaysians the opportunity to share their experiences navigating through bustling cities, ancient ruins, and awe-inspiring adventures with friends and family back home.

Indonesia - Island of Natural Splendour

Indonesia's expansive and dense landscapes make it a tropical paradise for Malaysian travellers. The country offers plenty of attractions too, from Bali’s stunning beaches to Jakarta’s dynamic city life to Yogyakarta’s vibrant art scenes. All in all, these places provide a glimpse into the country’s deep culture and you can always get the latest information on Indonesia on the internet via data roaming while you’re there.

Indeed, there’s no better way for Malaysians to share their memorable encounters with nature and the local warm hospitality than by utilising postpaid data roaming while in Indonesia.

Vietnam - Sprawling Landscapes with a Rich History

Vietnam has long captivated the hearts of Malaysians, whether they’re history buffs, lovers of nature, or hardcore foodies. From the charming streets of Hanoi to the natural wonders of Halong Bay, one thing you can count on in Vietnam is a diverse sample of cultural experiences you won’t find elsewhere. And when it comes to getting to know these places, the Internet is the best source of information. Don’t worry, Maxis offers roaming coverage in Vietnam too!

Roaming in Vietnam also enables Malaysians to easily stay connected and share their unforgettable experiences, from exploring the historical sites to savouring the country's delectable cuisine.

Saudi Arabia - A Reflection of Ancient Civilisation in a Modern World

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Saudi Arabia isn’t a destination that many Malaysians have on their list but make no mistake about it, that doesn’t diminish the allure of this middle eastern country. Today, Saudi Arabia is an exotic destination renowned for high luxury and cityscapes filled with sky-piercing architecture. However, the indelible mark left by Saudi Arabia’s ancient history can still be felt now — creating a unique facade that blends past and present. This presents an interesting opportunity for Malaysian travellers to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of classic Arabian culture when they visit.

Since you’re there, why not share the precious memories of traversing Saudi Arabia with postpaid roaming services?

Get ready to explore, connect, and embark on a journey to create precious memories in these remarkable destinations. Whether it’s in the mysterious ancient cities of China or the deepest jungles of Indonesia or in Mecca in Saudi Arabia, you don’t have to stay disconnected from your loved ones. Maxis offers coverage in 29 countries with 5G international roaming so that you can stay connected no matter where you are in the world.