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Maxis Trade-In Guide: When, Why, and How to Upgrade Your Old Tech

Maxis Trade-In Guide: When, Why, and How to Upgrade Your Old Tech

Are you tripping over a tangle of outdated tech? Not sure what to do with that old phone gathering dust in your drawer? Don't resign yourself to a life cluttered with old gadgets just yet! Let's trade-in and trade-up with Maxis Trade-In!

This innovative program breathes fresh life into your old devices, allowing you to transform yesterday's tech into today's top gadget. But when should you consider a trade-in, and why? How does it all work? Put the kettle on, and let's dive in.

According to the Global E-Waste Monitor, an average of 62 million metric tonnes of electronic waste was generated worldwide in 2022; on track to rise another 32% to 82 million tonnes by 2030. The 62 million tonnes of e-waste generated in 2022 would fill 1.55 million 40-tonne trucks, roughly enough trucks to form a bumper-to-bumper line encircling the equator. Put in perspective, it's clear we have a serious issue of e-waste on our hands. Anything we can do to lessen this environmental burden, like trading in and updating our devices instead of tossing them aside (which then ends up in the landfill), becomes not just a personal advantage but a global responsibility. Besides, your old phone could be gold for someone else.

Is it Time to Upgrade?

Knowing just when to upgrade your old device isn't always easy, but consider this - does your phone struggle to keep up with the latest apps or does its battery drain at the speed of light? Perhaps the operating system no longer updates, leaving you out of step with not just the best new features but crucial security updates to keep your personal data safe and secure. Or do you often find yourself zapping photos because your storage is perpetually full? These are a few pain points hinting that it might be high time you considered upgrading your device.

Why Trade-in with Maxis?

Trading in your device with Maxis isn't just about ditching your old tech, it's about giving it a second lease of life while you embrace the next-gen devices. Maxis Trade-In programme ensures your old device does not end up in a landfill. Instead, it goes through a proper recycling process, reducing electronic waste — an environmentally responsible choice that you can be part of.

Moreover, trading in your old device with Maxis offers a gambit of benefits. From convenience to cost benefits, from accessing the latest devices to effective recycling, there's something for everyone. Here's why you should trade-in with Maxis:

  1. High Trade-in Value: With Maxis, your old device gets its best value, ensuring you secure an advantageous start when moving to a newer device. The trade-in value gets directly deducted from your new device's cost, making it more affordable. On a side note, if you choose to merely trade-in and not purchase a new device, you can have the value rebated in your next bill.
  2. Convenience: No need to hunt for buyers for your old device. Just bring it to your nearest Maxis Centre, and Voila! The trade-in process is simplified and convenient.
  3. Exciting Upgrade Options: Get the device you've been dreaming of! Maxis' trade-in range includes the latest models from brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and more.

Now, let’s address the most critical question:

How to Trade-in with Maxis?

Trading in your old device with Maxis is a simple and straightforward process designed to make upgrading easy for you. Here's how it works:

  1. Download and install the Maxis Trade-in app on the phone that you want to trade-in.
  2. Key in the device IMEI number. You can retrieve this by dialling *#60#.
  3. Enter code 6041 on your phone to run diagnostics and to find out the value of your phone trade-in.
  4. Confirm the trade-in value and bring your device to the nearest Maxis Centre. There, a trained staff member will assist you in completing the order.
  5. You'll receive a discount equivalent to the trade-in value of your old gadget off on your brand-new device.
  6. If your old device’s trade-in value is higher than the cost of your new device, you'll be given a residue in the form of a voucher, which you can use on your next purchase.

It's important to remember that any data on your device needs to be backed up prior to trading it in, as it will be erased and cannot be recovered once the trade-in is completed. So, make sure you transfer your photos, messages, and other important information elsewhere beforehand. Remember to also retrieve your SIM card (or memory card, if any) and perform a factory reset on your old device. For the iPhone, you will need to sign out of your Apple ID to "unlock" the device.

Trade-In Device Compatibility and Upgrade Choices

Maxis accepts a wide range of devices for trade-in. In fact, it accepts over 1,000 models of devices spread across smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. Whether it's an old iPhone, Galaxy, Huawei tablet or any other device - all may qualify for a trade-in. The trade-in value, however, largely depends on the device's condition and model.

As for the upgrade, you have the full freedom to choose from the latest smartphones available at Maxis, including the newest Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Z series, Samsung Galaxy S series, or even Honor Magic. Remember, the goal is to help you get a spanking new device while reducing the cost and environmental impact of throwing away your old tech.

Throwing Away, Responsibly

While we share your excitement to embrace new tech, it can be easy to forget about the fate of the old devices we're leaving behind. It's crucial to remember, though, that every gadget we use and discard has an environmental impact. This brings us to e-waste - used or obsolete electronic devices that require appropriate disposal or recycling. Ignoring e-waste's handling is not only harmful to the environment but can also pose serious health risks due to the hazardous substances often found in electronic devices.

Maxis is committed to tackling e-waste head-on and have partnered ERTH, an authorised e-waste collection provider, to ensure that all traded-in devices are responsibly recycled or disposed of in accordance with internationally recognised environmental standards.

Speaking of e-waste, here's a list of e-waste that's accepted for recycling.

Trade-in, Upgrade, Save the Planet

In conclusion, trading in your old device with Maxis provides not only a chance to keep your tech up-to-date but also to do so sustainably and affordably. It's an opportunity to declutter, save money, and breathe new life into your tech lifestyle. So, are you ready to take the leap and make a switch?

Trade-in, upgrade, save (money and Mother Earth), and repeat – All with just a click on Maxis Trade-In.