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Alert: Beware of

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Maxis Postpaid: 1TB of 5G Bonus Data and Other Surprises You May Not Be Aware Of

Maxis Postpaid: 1TB of 5G Bonus Data and Other Surprises You May Not Be Aware Of

If you're always on the hunt for the ultimate mobile plan that serves your insatiable appetite for data, look no further than the all-new Maxis Postpaid! Beyond just offering up to a jaw-dropping 1TB of 5G bonus data, Maxis ensures you stay connected to the digital world in more ways than you might expect. Let's delve into these enticing details and discover how you can take control of your digital experience like never before!

Revolutionising Data Usage with a Remarkable 1TB 5G Bonus Data Allowance

Let's begin with the most noteworthy feature that's sure to earn a few gasps here and there - the extraordinary amount of data available. With the top tier Maxis Postpaid 199 you're allocated a staggering 1TB of 5G bonus data in addition to the bundled 200GB of 4G/5G data. Yes, you read that right! That's enough to binge-watch your favourite series, share high-resolution 4K videos, download and play your favourite mobile games, conduct all your professional conference calls, and still have enough data to assist Google Assistant with all your smart-home needs. And the most impressive part – it's not simply about the enormous data allowance, but also about achieving those astounding speeds that 5G is renowned for. 

No More Upfront Costs: Enjoy Free Rate Plan Advance Payment Offer

What's more, for a limited time only, on taking up a Maxis Postpaid plan, you also receive a free rate plan advance payment. No need to worry about coughing up that initial hefty amount that dampens the delight of a new subscription - Maxis is here to lighten your load. The feel of starting on a new journey with one less burden is indubitably satisfying, as we're sure you'd agree. Win.

Roam with Freedom: Unlimited 5G Data for Your Travelling Needs

The benefits don't stop there. The perfect companion for the hungry traveller, Maxis Postpaid allows you unlimited 5G data while roaming, for those times when it's just too tough to resist uploading enviable vacation photos or keeping up with emails on the move. Don't compromise your data needs just because you're out and about - Maxis has got you covered. No slow speeds. No disconnectedness. No bill shocks. No hassle. Really. 

Sharing is Caring: Free 5G Access for All Share Lines

Further sweetening the deal, Maxis offers free 5G access for all Share Lines linked to your primary account. So, your loved ones can share in the joy of having a huge bucket of lightning-fast data at their fingertips without incurring any extra charges on your monthly bill. It's genuinely a win-win situation for everyone involved. Sharing is caring, indeed!

Power Up with A New Device: Save Over RM1,000 on New 5G Phones

Eyeing a new iPhone? With the all-new Maxis Postpaid and Zerolution device ownership plan, you can take home a spanking new iPhone 15 Pro (in Natural Titanium no less!) for just RM104 per month. You can enjoy a wallet-friendly 36-month easy instalment arrangement, zero upfront payment, 0% interest rate, and with no credit card needed. Not team iPhone? No sweat. Android fans certainly won't be left out with a free Realme 11x 5G or an Honor 90 Lite 5G! Talk about an easy power up!


To sum it all up, the Maxis Postpaid plan boldly steps out of the status quo, establishing a fresh industry standard for a technology-filled experience saturated with functionalities that cater to your every personal and professional need. This plan is as comprehensive as it is stunning, boasting a whopping 1TB of bonus data - albeit over a 5G network. This massive pool of data is more than enough to satisfy even the hungriest of data users. Even better, the mind-blowing data provision is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to benefits. Ready to rock and roll? Sign up and upgrade to the all-new Maxis Postpaid plan today!