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Get FREE shipping on all online purchases. Buy now.

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Say hello to better WiFi coverage

Get stronger WiFi signals in every room when you pair your Maxis Fibre with mesh WiFi.

Perfectly compatible with our WiFi 6 router

Our EasyMesh is WiFi 6 certified, and works well with our router.

Say goodbye to WiFi dead zones and enjoy wider WiFi coverage

Enjoy strong WiFi connection as you go from room to room.

Affordable and suitable for any home size

Only RM12.50/mth with Zerolution.

WiFi 6 EasyMesh: Before and After

Coverage with WiFi 6 router only

Coverage with traditional WiFi mesh

Coverage with WiFi 6 EasyMesh

WiFi 6 EasyMesh vs traditional WiFi extenders

  WiFi 6 EasyMesh Traditional WiFi Extenders
Connection speed Faster and stronger
Enjoy a dedicated connection for a fast, strong WiFi signal similar to a router signal. 
WiFi speed is reduced by half when the signal is rebroadcasted from the router through the extender.
Coverage Maximum coverage
Maximises coverage in all areas by using multiple WiFi points to form a larger, unified WiFi network.
Single coverage
Focuses on problem spots in certain areas, for example dead spots in one room. 
Seamless, stable connection Automatically connected
Automatically and seamlessly connects you to the strongest WiFi signal as you roam around your house. 
Manual switch
Need to manually connect to the strongest WiFi signal to avoid being disconnected.

Pair your Maxis Home Fibre with WiFi 6 EasyMesh

A minimum of one (1) WiFi 6 EasyMesh unit is required. For larger spaces, you can add more units.

1 mesh WiFi
Single storey house or condominium
(>1500 sq ft)

Recommendation: 1 unit of WiFi 6 EasyMesh

2 mesh WiFi
Double storey house, Semi D or bungalow
(>2000 sq ft)

Recommendation: 2 units of WiFi 6 EasyMesh

Get your whole home WiFi coverage today.

Visit the nearest Maxis Store to purchase the WiFi 6 EasyMesh.

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