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Our updated General Terms & Conditions of Services is effective from 20 December 2020. Refer to

Our updated GTC, effective from 20 December 2020, Refer


Bring home Maxis Fibre, bring home a new makeover

FREE 6 months

FREE 6 months of Maxis Fibre with any of The Makeover Guys’ services.

Higher rental rates

Strategic makeover for your property unit for potentially higher rental rates.

Home wi-fi

Level up your home with superfast fibre, Samsung TV 4K from RM1/mth and mesh WiFi.

Ready for a Maxis Fibre powered home, plus a new makeover?

Get a makeover with The Makeover Guys,
and get free 6 months Maxis Fibre

This offer is also available for existing customers of The Makeover Guys

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Level up your home WiFi with the next-generation WiFi 6 certified router and Samsung TV 4K from RM1/mth.