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Alert: Beware of

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Maxis continues to support communities affected by floods

Maxis continues to support communities affected by floods
  • Support encompasses network infrastructure, flood response and essential aid
  • Utmost priority is ensuring mobile connectivity in flood-affected areas
  • Relief and recovery support to help affected communities get back on their feet

Maxis is committed to continue supporting communities affected by floods. The company’s commitment is multi-pronged, encompassing network infrastructure, response measures, and essential aid to support impacted communities.

Maxis’ utmost priority is to always ensure dependable mobile connectivity in flood-affected areas. Besides equipping tower sites with standby power generators, it has also readied a supply of portable generators and critical equipment regionally for quick deployment to mitigate disruptions and expedite on-site restoration.

Maxis has also progressively identified high-risk network sites based on historical flood data and raised the platform or shelter height of over 60 sites nationwide to prevent them from being submerged. Complementing its network is Maxis’ fleet of mobile communications vehicles which can be mobilised as mobile tower sites to bolster connectivity in flood-stricken areas.

In addition, Maxis has deployed free WiFi service at more than 20 flood relief centres across five states throughout 2023 in support of the authorities’ efforts. These include its most recent deployment at flood relief centres in Terengganu, providing internet connectivity to affected families and emergency personnel.


Dependable connectivity is critical during floods, and we take our role seriously in ensuring essential connectivity to Malaysians through our nationwide network. We are committed to supporting the effective mobilisation of emergency services on-ground, and enabling people to stay connected with their loved ones in times of need - Abdul Karim Fakir Ali, Chief Network Officer of Maxis.

Maxis’ field response team has been equipped with boats and drones for use in affected areas, enabling quicker network restoration and response efforts. Flood response personnel have been trained by the Royal Marine Police Academy on safety and rescue operations. Maxis is also collaborating with the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) on an early warning notification process for customers in affected areas.

In addition to network mitigation and flood response measures, Maxis is also supporting relief and recovery efforts in impacted communities.


Equally important during flood incidents is ensuring that affected communities can bounce back and get back on their feet. In order to assist these communities, we contributed food supplies and mobile SIM cards and top ups to support their recovery - Mariam Bevi Batcha, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of Maxis.

200 families from affected communities at the SK Gual Periok flood relief centre in Rantau Panjang, Kelantan received boxes of essential food supplies. 1,500 Hotlink SIM cards and mobile top ups were also distributed throughout the state.