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Alert: Beware of

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Hotlink enriches Prepaid and Postpaid plans with 5G across the board, even more data, and uncapped speeds

All-New Hotlink Prepaid
  • Prepaid Unlimited passes now include uncapped 5G speeds everyday between 8pm and 8am, unlimited internet, calls and hotspot access
  • Prepaid Pantas passes upgraded with more data and bonus 5G data
  • All Hotlink Postpaid plans have been doubled-up with bonus 5G data and continue to enjoy great deals for the latest 5G devices

Hotlink has enhanced its prepaid and postpaid plans across the board with 5G. With these enhancements, customers can now enjoy fast 5G internet at uncapped speeds and more data on any Hotlink plan, ensuring uninterrupted gaming and streaming experiences.


Our new 5G prepaid and postpaid plans offer the best 5G experience. For all avid gamers and streamers our uncapped 5G speed caters a smooth, uninterrupted high-quality experience. For social media influencers and customers that need always-on 5G, our unlimited 5G is ideal. Ultimately we aim to provide more data and better value across the board with the best 5G experience enabled automatically for everyone to enjoy. - Rabiras Rajakrishnan, Head of Hotlink Consumer at Maxis

All Hotlink Prepaid passes now come with access to 5G. The new Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited passes now come with uncapped speeds on 5G between 8pm and 8am daily, in addition to unlimited internet and hotspot access every day for an uninterrupted, worry-free internet experience at an affordable price.

For those who want uncapped speeds 24/7, the new Hotlink Prepaid Pantas passes have also been upgraded with more data.

Additionally, Hotlink is offering 20% cashback vouchers for youths aged below 24-years-old on each purchase of the new monthly internet passes. More details including terms and conditions are available on the Hotlink app.

New Prepaid Unlimited Passes Data Validity

Hotlink Unlimited RM50

UNLIMITED Internet @ 12Mbps (4G/5G) & Hotspot
+ Uncapped 5G Nights (8pm-8am)  + Calls

30 Days

Hotlink Unlimited RM40

UNLIMITED Internet @ 6Mbps (4G/5G) & Hotspot
+  Uncapped 5G Nights (8pm-8am) + Calls

30 Days

Hotlink Unlimited RM12

UNLIMITED Internet @ 6Mbps (4G/5G) & Hotspot
+ Uncapped 5G Nights (8pm-8am) + Calls

7 Days

New Prepaid Pantas Passes Data Validity

Hotlink Pantas RM35

60GB [30GB (4G/5G) + Bonus 30GB (5G)]
+ Calls

30 Days

Hotlink Pantas RM25

40GB [20GB (4G/5G) + Bonus 20GB (5G)]
+ Calls

30 Days

Hotlink Pantas RM10

20GB [10GB (4G/5G) + Bonus 10GB (5G)]
+ Calls

7 Days

All-New Hotlink Postpaid

All Hotlink Postpaid plans have been doubled-up with bonus 5G data. Customers can enjoy an abundance of 5G data, providing more than sufficient capacity for all their mobile usage and data needs. Unlimited SMS and calls are also included with all Hotlink Postpaid plans.

Customers on Hotlink Postpaid 60 and 70 can also enjoy device subsidy benefits, while customers on Hotlink Postpaid 70 can enjoy roaming services in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

Postpaid Plans Data

Hotlink Postpaid 70

70GB (4G/5G) + 70GB (5G Only)
Unlimited Calls & Text + Device Subsidy + Roam-Like-Home
RM70 per month

Hotlink Postpaid 60

50GB (4G/5G) + 50GB (5G Only)
Unlimited Calls & Text + Device Subsidy
RM60 per month

Hotlink Postpaid 45*

30GB (4G/5G) + 30GB (5G Only)
Unlimited Calls & Text
RM45 per month

*New Hotlink Postpaid plan

Existing Hotlink Postpaid 60 and 70 customers will be upgraded starting from 18 to 29 January 2024. Hotlink Postpaid 40 will be discontinued and existing customers will remain on that plan but with upgraded data from 30GB (4G only) to 30GB (4G/5G). All new sign-ups will automatically enjoy the upgraded new internet quotas.

For full options and more information on the enhanced Hotlink Prepaid and Postpaid 5G plans, visit