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Alert: Beware of

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Maxis third edition of eKelas STEM challenge anchors on Sustainable Development Goals

Maxis third edition of eKelas STEM challenge
  • Maxis eKelas’ continues to enable quality digital education among students through signature campaigns and activities.
  • Misi Jelajah Digital (MJD) Annual STEM competition helps students to enhance their knowledge and skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects.
  • MJD has been equipping eKelas students with digital skills, with over 2,000 students nationwide participating since 2021

eKelas, Maxis’ flagship community programme, continues to be a platform to drive digital education and provides a complete digital learning experience through vibrant activities and campaigns.

Maxis eKelas aims to improve the academic performance of students in rural communities. As an after-school digital learning initiative for students from Year 4 to Form 5, the programme brings learning enrichment in a fun and vibrant way and provides access to quality education content, in line with the Malaysian School Syllabus.

One of eKelas’ signature campaigns is Misi Jelajah Digital (MJD) annual STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) challenge, which focuses on enhancing their knowledge and skills in STEM subjects. Since its inception in 2021, MJD has been equipping eKelas students with essential digital skills with more than 2,000 students nationwide participating in the competition since.

Now in its third year, the 2023 MJD challenge was recently launched at SJK Chung Hua No. 4 in Kuching, Sarawak, followed by a series of workshops over the course of two days. More than 580 enthusiastic students from 54 schools across Kuching joined the activities, where they learnt about storyboarding, how to conceptualise ideas and present proposals.


“At Maxis, we help students through eKelas to have easy access to quality after-school education through our ekelas portal and app. We believe STEM is important and that this competition will continue to provide an opportunity for students to develop a solid foundation for the future,” - Goh Seow Eng, Maxis Chief Executive Officer.

This year's competition will provide students with the opportunity to develop skills in programming, coding and design thinking. Anchored on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), MJD will challenge students to create real-life solutions and produce animation videos or design games based on their category. All participants will receive co-curriculum marks or Pentaksiran Aktiviti Jasmani Sukan dan Kokurikulum (PAJSK) credits while standing a chance to win attractive prizes.

Maxis third edition of eKelas STEM challenge -pic 1
Maxis third edition of eKelas STEM challenge -pic 2
Maxis third edition of eKelas STEM challenge

MJD is open to all Malaysian students from Year 4 to Form 5. To encourage collaboration, communication and teamwork, this year’s competition will be open to groups of 2-4 members, based on the following categories and tasks:

Categories Task
Upper Primary: Year 4 - 5 Create ONE digital animated VIDEO to educate your peers about one of the SDG Goals.
Lower Secondary: Form 1 - 3  Build a 2-level (minimum) GAME that educates your peers about the SDG Goals.
Upper Secondary: Form 4 - 5  Build a 3-level(minimum) GAME that educates your peers about the SDG Goals.

Free online workshops on animation and game design will be available throughout the competition period and ekelas students can access learning content on coding, storytelling and other related digital skills via the eKelas portal.

Focusing on Science, Mathematics, English, Bahasa Melayu and History, ekelas students are exposed to experiential learning through a combination of live tutorials, group learning, competitions and digital content via the eKelas portal and app. Apart from STEM, students also have the opportunity to take part in the HIP Storyfest annual competition.

Students are encouraged to register for eKelas today at and take part in the competition. To learn more and how to participate, visit