Maxis collaborates with East Malaysian artistes in conjunction with Kaamatan and Gawai

  • Maxis joined forces with talented local artistes to produce two festive music videos in an effort to share connections and celebrate communities
  • Kaamatan song ‘Muli’, by Floor 88 and Masmona, and Gawai pop hit ‘Richah Gawai’, by Iban artist Ramles Walter receive overwhelming response
  • Maxis and Hotlink participated in the Kaamatan Festival at KDCA Cultural Village in Sabah, drawing over 220,000 visitors

In conjunction with the recent Kaamatan and Gawai festivities, Maxis joined forces with talented artistes from Sabah and Sarawak respectively to produce two heartwarming music videos which embody the spirit of togetherness that define the two cultural celebrations.


Kaamatan and Gawai are special occasions that bring communities together. Our goal was to amplify this spirit of unity by collaborating with talented local artistes to produce two memorable music videos. Both Sabah and Sarawak have always been important to Maxis and we remain committed to building our presence here through these engagement initiatives, - Loh Keh Jiat, Maxis’ Chief Marketing Officer

For Kaamatan, Maxis collaborated with music groups Floor 88 and Masmona to release a song titled ‘Muli’ — a melody that brings the heart back home no matter how far the travels. Sung in Malay and Kadazandusun language, the music video lends a spotlight to the cultures, traditions and sceneries that bring communities together. To date, the video has garnered over 2 million views across social media channels. Watch the Kaamatan music video here:   

Meanwhile for Gawai, Maxis collaborated with Iban artist Ramles Walter to release a Gawai pop hit titled ‘Richah Gawai’. In the video, Ramles returns to his hometown of Kapit, Sarawak, and takes his audiences on a personal tour of fun-filled and meaningful preparations to celebrate Hari Gawai. The video has accumulated over 3 million views across social media channels todate. Visit to watch the video.

During the festive period from 19 to 31 May 2023, Maxis and Hotlink also participated in the Kaamatan Festival at KDCA Cultural Village in Sabah that attracted over 220,000 visitors. Maxis and Hotlink booths were set up with exciting activities including engagements with announcers from Kupi-Kupi FM, karaoke, AR photo booth, Piasau Bowling challenge, as well as exclusive device deals and lucky draw prizes.