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Alert: Beware of

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New Hotlink Prepaid Pantas brings best value to customers with affordable high-speed internet for all apps and longer validity

Hotlink Prepaid Pantas
  • Longer validity all year round, and many affordable passes to choose from
  • Smarter choice that gives customers more control, flexibility and better-quality internet, to stay always connected when they need it
  • Enabling consumers to #BikinSampaiJadi in a changing world

Staying in tune with customers’ needs for reliable high-speed connectivity and importantly, greater value, Hotlink has introduced Hotlink Prepaid Pantas which offers affordable high-speed mobile internet passes for all usages and zero wastage with a longer validity period. 

“From the pandemic to floods, living in uncertain times has shown the increasing importance for Malaysians to have more control, flexibility and better-quality internet, making sure they are always connected when they need to be. Recognising our customers’ diverse needs and their love for more value, this new prepaid plan is both convenient and budget savvy, and it is the smarter choice for people who want to #BikinSampaiJadi in a changing world, said Rabiras Rajakrishnan, Head of Hotlink Consumer at Maxis.

Staying connected is so easy with Hotlink Prepaid Pantas offering uncapped high-speed Internet for all apps, giving customers the freedom to use it for any needs, be it for work, social, content, gaming or browsing. What’s more, with a longer validity period all year round, customers can ensure zero wastage as they don’t have to worry about being limited to daily, weekly or monthly passes. And with so many affordable Internet passes to choose from, customers get enjoy the flexibility and control of their internet usage and spend while being on the best network.

Hotlink Prepaid Pantas Pricing Table

The launch of Hotlink Prepaid Pantas strengthens the current line-up of Hotlink offerings in market, providing various options of smarter value for Malaysians to Always Be Ahead.

To know more about Hotlink Prepaid Pantas, go to or Or purchase it immediately, go to or walk into any Maxis Store.