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Alert: Beware of

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Maxis rings in CNY with tradition and technology

Maxis Chinese New Year
  • Launches festive film ‘Make Our Luck’ about a homestay business owner and his grandson who leverage traditions and the power of tech
  • Two livestream sessions with renowned icon Dato’ Joey Yap on ‘How to Make Our Luck’ for 2022 for the public and Maxis SME customers
  • Campaign exemplifies why tradition and tech should not only co-exist, but amplify one another to find opportunities to always be ahead

With Chinese New Year around the corner, it is an opportune time for individuals and businesses to reset and look forward to a year with more prosperity and luck than ever before. Maxis is ringing in the festive season with the amalgamation of tradition and technology through its festive film ‘Make Our Luck’ and special livestream sessions with the renowned Dato’ Joey Yap, Founder and Chief Consultant of Joey Yap Consulting Group, on ‘How to Make Our Luck’ for 2022.

“As 2022 opens a new chapter in our lives, people and businesses look forward to a future that will be more ong and huat. Whilst many may take extra steps to invite luck through traditions and fengshui, we believe they can also benefit from tech and connectivity. This CNY, we want to exemplify why tradition and technology should not only co-exist but in fact amplify one another, because when we make our own luck and leverage the power of technology on a great network, we find opportunities to always be ahead, together,” said Loh Keh Jiat, Chief Marketing Officer, Maxis.

‘Make Our Luck’ is about a homestay business owner who is certain that practising customs that bring in good luck will improve his business next year. His grandson, Didi, on the other hand, believes that they will only thrive through the power of technology and network. As the generations go head-to-head to prove their points, they find out that both beliefs can help one another.

In addition to the CNY brand film, Maxis will also be collaborating with Dato’ Joey Yap to conduct two special livestream sessions on ‘How to Make Our Luck’ for 2022. A big adopter of tech and digitalisation, Dato’ Yap’s ways of fengshui consultation requires one to take action beyond placing an ornament or wearing a lucky colour. The first livestream session on 10 Feb at 8:30pm on Maxis’ Facebook page is open to all, while the second livestream session on 11 Feb at 8.30pm is exclusively for Maxis’ SME customers, where they stand a chance to win a one-on-one Business Coaching session with Dato Joey Yap’s team of consultants.

To know more about the campaign, watch the film, and find out how to join the livestream sessions with Dato’ Joey Yap, go to

Maxis Chinese New Year
Maxis Make Our Luck For 2022 with Dato' Joey Yap