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Alert: Beware of

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Maxis calls on organisations to rethink Digital Transformation Strategy through

  • Maxis commissioned the IDC-Maxis Digital Technology Assessment 2020, providing a first-ever Malaysian overview of corporate adoption of cloud, SDN, IoT and cybersecurity solutions
  • The IDC InfoBrief, derived from the survey findings, reveals gaps in digitalisation efforts amongst organisations
  • Retransformation campaign underlines commitment to bring the best technologies and connectivity to enable businesses to Always Be Ahead in a changing world

Maxis is calling on organisations in Malaysia to rethink and reevaluate their digital transformation strategies. Launching its Retransformation campaign today, the call for action was reinforced by the findings of a survey commissioned by Maxis, the IDC-Maxis Digital Technology Assessment 2020, which was conducted by the International Data Corporation (IDC). The findings of this survey is featured in an IDC InfoBrief titled Digital Transformation in Malaysia 2020.

The InfoBrief provides a comprehensive overview of the digitalisation efforts of Malaysian corporates in four key technologies. It explores the adoption, challenges, and benefits of cloud, software-defined networking (SDN), Internet of Things (IoT), and cybersecurity, essential ingredients for digital transformation. With the current COVID-19 environment, the functionality of these technologies has become a focal point for companies as they work to overcome challenges and reinvigorate their businesses.

Key findings from the survey reveal that organisations lack the long-term strategies required to successfully transform their businesses. It is a key factor in their inability to reap the full potential of digitalisation initiatives:

  1. 93% of corporations in Malaysia having implemented cloud but they have not been able to reap the benefits of doing so due to migration struggles and a lack of talent and knowledge of cloud services; more than half of the respondents were still operating on legacy infrastructure.

  2. 61% of organisations were unclear as to how SDN would work with their existing network as they were uncertain about interoperability with their existing networks and lack the necessary skills.

  3. Many organisations have yet to implement end-to-end security, with only 8% among those surveyed having employed an end-to-end security solution, despite cybersecurity having become a priority in recent years.

“Digital Transformation goes well beyond simply adopting new technologies. As we react to the new normal, such as implementing new communication tools to facilitate remote working arrangements, the time is now to rethink and re-evaluate digital transformation strategies for the long term, which involves a complete change in the organisation, from IT systems to processes to people. The InfoBrief that we sponsored reinforced our call for change, and our Retransformation campaign is essentially the vehicle to bring the best of technologies to enable businesses to always be ahead in a changing world,” said Paul McManus, Chief Enterprise Business Officer, Maxis.

Having partnered with corporates on their large-scale modernisation efforts, Maxis’ Retransformation campaign represents its commitment to deliver a differentiated experience with Maxis Programmable Network, Malaysia’s first MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) 3.0-certified software-defined network, unrivalled support with fully managed secure services, and best-in-class solutions from global technology leaders. Maxis is one of only 25 service providers in the world with MEF 3.0 Carrier Ethernet certification, which enables service providers to validate that their solutions comply with the highest industry standards. Maxis Programmable Network enables businesses to reliably scale the capacity demand to meet the requirements of the fast-changing IT environments while operating at consistently high performance.

The survey polled corporates in Malaysia, whereas previous studies on digital transformation were mainly centered on SMEs. More insights on the InfoBrief is available at

Solutions for Retransformation

To support organisations in charting a successful digital transformation journey, Maxis has outlined six corporate solutions around essential ingredients. All of these solutions are enhanced by the Maxis Programmable Network, which delivers end-to-end security through a wide range of network security capabilities:

  1. Managed Cloud – A fully managed cloud computing service with end-to-end support from certified experts, solutions from leading hyperscale cloud providers, and connectivity through Maxis’ MEF 3.0-certified network.

  2. Smart Manufacturing – The first fully-managed service to offer manufacturers end-to-end, scalable, integrated turnkey capabilities to modernise and automate their operations. The solution includes machine connectivity, as well as manufacturing operations management (MOM) and predictive maintenance applications.

  3. Smart Security – A connected, centralised video surveillance platform designed to enhance situational awareness in real-time, for smarter control and management.

  4. Managed UC – The first service in Malaysia that allows users to make and receive calls through a fixed-line number with Microsoft Teams, delivering the best voice and virtual meeting experience on any device, improving collaboration between employees from anywhere, anytime.

  5. Managed SD-WAN – A software-defined networking solution that allows IT teams to manage the corporate network with greater control, visibility, and cost-efficiency.

  6. Bandwidth on Demand – A feature of Maxis’ fixed connectivity services, such as Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), Domestic Private Leased Circuit (DPLC) and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), that allows users to upgrade bandwidth capacity through a self-serve portal in near real-time.