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Alert: Beware of

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Maxis and OPPO to help Malaysian SMEs be 5G Ready

  • Maxis to roll out 5G on-boarding programme in Q2 2020 to assist Malaysian SMEs with transition into 5G when the network becomes available, and showcase the potential of 5G in business.
  • Through the collaboration with OPPO, the programme will equip participating businesses with the latest OPPO 5G devices.
  • Maxis’ continues to empower Malaysian SMEs with customised digital solutions as they digitally enable their operations.

In a bid to unlock and deliver the impetus of 5G connectivity for Malaysian SMEs, Maxis, in collaboration with OPPO, will be rolling out a 5G on-boarding programme called ‘5G-Ready Masterclass, powered by Maxis & OPPO’. The programme, expected to kick off in Q2 2020, aims to assist Malaysian businesses with a seamless transition into a 5G era when the network becomes available.

Through the strategic, by-invitation only programme, Maxis and Oppo will empower over 30 business owners across multiple industries with the latest business mobility solutions and services. They will also get up close and personal with 5G technology and its applications, while witnessing the potential it can bring to their respective businesses.

Through the collaboration with OPPO, the programme will equip the participating businesses with the latest OPPO Reno 10x Zoom 5G smartphones. Educational workshops will also be available to showcase and explain the key role that 5G will play in transforming and enabling opportunities for business across SMEs in Malaysia.

Paul McManus, Chief Enterprise Business Officer, Maxis

Paul McManus, Maxis’ Chief Enterprise Business Officer:
“At Maxis, we have been partnering with Malaysian SMEs over the years to bring them customised digital solutions as they digitally enable their business operations. SMEs continue to be a critical pillar for economic growth, so this programme is important in enabling them to be ready to take full advantage of an enhanced network performance with so many possibilities for their respective businesses. We are delighted to be collaborating with OPPO and look forward to a beneficial outcome.”

Nikki Chen, Marketing Director at OPPO Malaysia:
“OPPO is prepared for the 5G era, creating devices that will serve as an enabler for ‘intelligent connectivity’ by infusing Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things to bridge users to the next generation network. We are pleased to be working with Maxis, who have been leaders in 5G readiness and acceleration in the country. We hope this programme will further strengthen SME business owners’ position within the nation's digital ecosystem."

Participants can also look forward to insights from featured speakers and 5G experts as part of the initiative to educate business owners on the potential of 5G for their respective businesses.

Since the introduction of the fifth generation network, the increased adoption of cloud and arrival of potentially lucrative technologies, the need for high-quality, reliable communications has never been greater. 5G is more than an upgrade. It is a new era of radically new possibilities. Through this collaboration, OPPO and Maxis addresses the technological leap in mobile communications that will change the way we live and work, and help users discover the full potential of 5G.