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Alert: Beware of

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Maxis accelerates ambition to be top Enterprise solutions provider with Cisco partnership

  • Global partnerships in line with Maxis’ Enterprise growth strategy    
  • Maxis and Cisco to jointly deliver a wide range of market proven technology for businesses in Malaysia
  • SD-WAN will be first of the many joint offerings

In a giant leap towards its ambitions to become Malaysia’s leading converged ICT solutions provider for Enterprise, Government and SMEs, Maxis has forged a strategic partnership with global technology leader, Cisco, to jointly deliver a wide range of market leading technologies over the No 1 network for businesses in Malaysia.

Maxis is pleased to announce that the first of many planned joint offerings from this partnership for the Malaysian market is the Managed Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution for business.

“This partnership is another important step forward in Maxis’ long-term growth journey. Our credibility and scale has enabled us to open up access to leading global partners and their strengths to even more Malaysian companies. We are therefore excited to be working with the global network technology leader, Cisco, to empower enterprises in embracing the significant benefits of the next generation of digital network solutions. This software defined networking solution provides complete flexibility and enables enterprises to grow as their needs evolve in a digital, cloud and data driven world. This partnership brings this unique capability to life,” said Paul McManus, Maxis’ Chief Enterprise Business Officer.

“The modern workforce is becoming increasingly mobile, and business-critical applications are running over the Internet across multiple clouds. With the power of the cloud, businesses can connect any user, any application, anywhere. Our strength in cloud-based architecture and Maxis’ network leadership forms the basis of this partnership, which is a significant step forward in accelerating digital transformation and driving new ways of working for enterprises,” said Naveen Menon, President, Cisco ASEAN.

SD-WAN is a next generation networking technology, which allows for simplification in the management, deployment and administration of organisations’ network requirements. This enables operational tasks such as configuration, management and maintenance to be significantly simplified. Businesses are able to benefit from improved visibility and cost reduction by choosing to run over more cost-efficient connectivity options via Maxis’ varied network solutions.

There are significant benefits of SD-WAN as Enterprises look to become more agile through as much automation and intelligence as they can. They will have access to a converged connectivity solution that is flexible, scalable and cost effective, especially if it is managed for them by Maxis. The built-in security in SD-WAN also enables end-to-end secure communications and implementation of security policies across the network.

The Maxis-Cisco partnership was formalised with both parties inking a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). As part of this collaboration, both companies are jointly committed to work together in accelerating the benefits and developing joint industry best practice capabilities for the benefit of all.

Maxis’ converged offerings are built around an “Always On” proposition, leveraging its unique Fixed and Mobile network. It has a vision to help businesses of all sizes across key segments succeed by simplifying and improving the way they work. Maxis’ innovative technologies and digital solutions are backed by its industry-leading network that ensures an unrestricted and worry-free experience which can be enjoyed “as a service”.

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