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Alert: Beware of

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Maxis in collaboration with AWS, accelerates cloud adoption for businesses in Malaysia

  • Maxis joins Amazon Partner Network (APN) to deliver cloud solutions to businesses in Malaysia. Maxis currently has the largest pool of AWS-trained employees in Malaysia.
  • Maxis aims to accelerate AWS Cloud adoption as a platform for digital transformation.
  • Partnership strengthens Maxis’ ambition to become Malaysia’s leading converged ICT solutions provider for Enterprise, Government and SMEs.

In another indicator of strong momentum, Maxis announced its intent to help accelerate cloud adoption for businesses in Malaysia by signing a strategic collaboration agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. Through the collaboration, Maxis will deliver a wide range of industry leading cloud technologies over the No. 1 converged 4G mobile and fixed network in Malaysia, to help simplify and accelerate the digital transformation journey for businesses in Malaysia and realise the significant benefits in improved productivity, performance and acceleration in time to market. The strategic collaboration further strengthens Maxis’ ambition to become Malaysia’s leading converged ICT solutions provider for Enterprise, Government and SMEs.

Maxis is now an AWS Partner as part of the Amazon Network Partner (APN) and aims to accelerate cloud adoption for businesses in Malaysia by leveraging AWS cutting-edge technologies to deliver Maxis Professional Services, Security and Managed Services on AWS. Maxis will build deep skills on AWS through AWS’ comprehensive training, accreditation and certification programs. This will further enhance Maxis’ capabilities and responsiveness to its customers’ digital transformation agenda. To date, Maxis has the largest pool of AWS-trained employees in Malaysia.

“Cloud technology and its adoption is becoming an increasingly important part of any business strategy, especially with its incredible benefits – from reduced costs, increased flexibility to better scalability – key ingredients for digital transformation and business agility. We believe there are many opportunities for all in leveraging the power of the cloud, so we are very excited with our collaboration with AWS. Businesses in Malaysia will have access to best-in-class cloud solutions as well as the largest pool of experts in the country who can assist them end-to-end on their journey to the cloud. We are eager to help accelerate cloud adoption in Malaysia and empower businesses here to be better equipped for Industry 4.0 and the digital economy,” said Paul McManus, Maxis’ Chief Enterprise Business Officer. 

“Maxis has had a proven track record of client satisfaction as well as delivering enterprise product applications, migrations and managed services. They have also showcased their continued commitment in upskilling their team and ensuring they are AWS-certified. We are excited to have Maxis as an AWS APN Partner. Through this collaboration, we are confident that together, we can be a key enabler for businesses in Malaysia to reap the benefits of cloud technology,” said Conor McNamara, Managing Director, ASEAN at AWS.

Under this agreement, Maxis will establish a Maxis Cloud Business Centre (MCBC) that offers customers Professional and Managed Services with staff trained by AWS to help customers leverage AWS to gain a global presence, increase business agility and drive better business outcomes. As part of this collaboration, both companies will work together in accelerating adoption of cloud and developing industry solutions capabilities for the benefit of businesses in Malaysia.

Maxis’ converged offerings are built around an “Always On” proposition, leveraging its unique Fixed and Mobile network. It has a vision to help businesses succeed, big or small, across key segments, by simplifying and improving the way they work. Maxis’ innovative technologies and digital solutions are delivered over its market leading converged network that ensures an unrestricted and worry-free experience which can be enjoyed “as a service".

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