Alert: Beware of

Alert: Beware of

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Maxis Is The Choice Managed Mobility Solutions Provider


One of Malaysia’s leading courier service providers, Nationwide Express Holding Berhad (Nationwide Express), is taking a key step towards digitalisation with Maxis’ business solutions. Maxis Managed Mobility service offers Nationwide Express a suite of business solutions that will help them embrace mobility in their business easily and securely. Maxis is the only telco that offers fully integrated communications and business solutions including applications to help businesses work more efficiently and boost their productivity.

What does the Maxis Managed Mobility service offer?

Security – Security is a key feature for any company. Now with this service, Nationwide Express can track and monitor their couriers’ devices in real time using a centralised web portal. If a device is stolen, it can be remotely locked and all stored data can be cleared.

Productivity – This service will enable Nationwide Express to control the mobile devices of all their couriers, giving them access to only work-related apps and resources. This in turn will help them serve customers more efficiently.

Simplicity – Maxis Managed Mobility offers the right solutions to simplify business processes. Nationwide Express can now streamline the distribution of their business applications by ‘pushing’ apps to their couriers’ devices anywhere in Malaysia, without them having to manually update the app. This simplifies the back-end IT process and saves time.

“We had recently won the Best Delivery Performance award 2016 from Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), but we will not rest on our laurels as our deliveries must be continuously fast and efficiently managed, which is why being mobile is critical in the courier industry. We are happy to have found our choice business solutions provider in Maxis as we take the first step of many more in our digitalisation journey. Their mobility solution will enhance our efficiency and boost our productivity. Our priority is always to give the best experience and service to our customers wherever we deliver and Maxis will help us achieve that,” said Rozilawati Binti Tan Sri Basir, Nationwide Express’ Group Managing Director.

“As a one-stop mobility solutions management provider, we are equipping Nationwide Express with business solutions designed to maximise benefits of mobility at work. What’s more, these solutions are backed by our superfast 4G network. We also want to encourage companies to embrace new ways of working by going mobile and fully digital,” said Loong Tuck Weng, Maxis’ Head of Enterprise.

Businesses can sign-up for a free trial of Maxis Managed Mobility solution by contacting 1800-82-1919. During the 30-day trial, businesses can enrol up to 50 devices, gain access to a single web portal to centrally manage their devices and apps, as well as receive technical advice.

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