Alert: Beware of

Alert: Beware of

SMS Scam Purporting to be from Maxis

Maxis Undertakes First ‘Blind Drifting’ In Malaysia To Showcase Super Fast And Reliable 4G Speeds

Maxis today showcased its commitment to a great network experience with consistently faster streaming and surfing by giving members of the media the opportunity to experience the first ever ‘blind drifting’ enabled by Maxis 4G LTE. What does this mean? Imagine a car that’s been blacked out, and you have nothing but your phone as your eyes to the outside world to guide you.

During the event, Maxis engaged with a certified BMW Advanced Driving Instructor to drift through a specially designed course incorporating multiple drift actions to demonstrate superiority of Maxis 4G via live streaming. With its windows blacked out, the drift car was fitted with a webcam and a live stream app provided the driver with sight as he drifted.

To date, Maxis leads in 4G LTE population coverage and targets to reach over half of the population by year end. With Maxis 4G LTE, users can expect better all day surfing and streaming with consistently faster speeds. This means users enjoy smooth, uninterrupted viewing every single time.

“Technology is great, but our obsession just makes it better. Today, our 4G LTE network is the best simply because we built it better, testing it ourselves again and again and even getting independent parties to test it further. We have the most extensive fibre connection to our sites, hence delivering highly reliable mobile broadband connectivity. This would not be possible without our continuous investment in our new modernised network and fibre infrastructure, in which we are on track to spend more than RM1 billion this year,” said Morten Bangsgaard, Maxis’ Chief Technology Officer.

A 4G LTE network in general offers a better experience for all types of data applications. For example, YouTube streaming is HD by default when users are on a 4G network. In fact, there are apps which can only function well with 4G, such as Meerkat, Periscope, Stringwire and more. 4G LTE is also better for applications that require low latency such as IP video calls and gaming.


(From Left) Morten Bangsgaard, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Sulin Lau, Head of Marketing Services and Abdul Karim Hj Ali, Head of Network at the first ever ‘blind drifting’ Media event.


Morten Bangsgaard, CTO, before the blind drift session.


The drift car with its windows blacked out and fitted with a webcam while a live stream app provided the driver with sight as he drifted.