Alert: Beware of

Alert: Beware of

SMS Scam Purporting to be from Maxis

Malaysians Share Stories Behind Their Names Through Maxis' #thisismyname Campaign

Living in a multiracial society, we have the perks of experiencing different cultures in a bonded environment. In the most apparent manner, we get to embrace the many languages that surround us. This year, Maxis celebrates Chinese New Year with a new touch of rediscovering the true meaning of your given name, by sharing a short YouTube film titled '#thisismyname' through social media. The video takes us through a journey that, behind every name, there is a meaning that comes with a story to be proud of. To view it, click here:

They say a person's name has an influence in your personality, what does your name say about you? Malaysians can also share theirs on Maxis' Facebook page. All they need to do is insert #thisismyname.

"We tend to give little credit to the meaning of our names and how it resonates with us or our lives, so this campaign simply reminds us and rekindles that significance. Like any other, Chinese names have deep meanings, so we wanted to take the opportunity this Chinese New Year to provide an avenue for people to share their story on social media, and rediscover the roots of their names. We're already seeing a lot of conversations and shares on our Facebook page and YouTube channel, which is great," said Sulin Lau, Head of Marketing Services at Maxis.