Alert: Beware of

Alert: Beware of

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Enjoy More Value With Maxis Affordable Broadband Rates On The Fastest And Widest 4G LTE Network

Maxis today announced that it has reduced its prices for its prepaid tablet plan effective 1 May.

Details of the price reductions are as follows:

Hotlink Tablet Plan Simpack reduced by 50%, from RM60 to RM30 with FREE 1GB data valid for 365 days, on the fastest and widest 4G LTE network;
For every 1GB add-on, existing and new customers will only have to pay RM25 instead of the current price of RM30; and
For every 1GB add-on, existing and new customers will only have to pay RM25 instead of the current price of RM30; and

"The affordable broadband package that comes with the option of 1GB add-on at only RM25, supports YB Dato Sri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Minister of Communications and Multimedia's call for greater access to the Internet. With this tablet plan, customers will enjoy a fantastic mobile experience on our fastest and widest 4G LTE network," said Dushyan Vaithiyanathan, Maxis' Head of Consumer Business.

Existing customers of the plan can continue to enjoy this service at the reduced rates. New customers who want to take up this plan just need to purchase a purpose-built SIM pack at the nearest Maxis Centre or Hotlink dealer. Now, customers also have a choice of adding on 2GB quota for only RM45. This attractive offer with more value comes with a validity period of 365 days.

Maxis has always strived to offer its customers the best mobile internet experience and has continuously made considerable amounts of investments in improving its network. Last year alone, RM1.1 billion was spent in building a brand new Maxis network, covering almost three quarters of the population and providing significantly improved voice and data quality. This is indeed substantial, but the Company recognises the importance of providing greater access to the Internet over a superior network, to the masses. This will certainly expand economic and educational opportunities for consumers more particularly those in remote locations.

Once a customer purchases and activates the Hotlink Tablet Plan, it will remain active for 365 days even if the FREE 1GB quota is exhausted. The validity of additional quota will follow the latest available date of expiry. Customers will not be charged once they have exceeded the quota but will be able to continue surfing and streaming once a new pass is purchased. Tablet Internet Passes can be purchased via the Hotlink RED App, which can be downloaded via Google Play and Apple Store. For more details on the Hotlink Tablet Plan, visit

Price reductions in summary:

  Current Price
Reduced Rate
Hotlink Tablet Plan SIM pack
365 days
Quota: 1GB
60 days
More value data add-on: 2GB
RM45 365 days

Dushyan Vaithiyanathan, Maxis' Head of Consumer Business


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