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Maxis Partners With Embedded Wireless On M2M Health Monitoring Solution

M2M Health Monitoring Solution enables healthcare providers to remotely monitor patients, leveraging both the Embedded Wireless Lab’s remote patient monitoring solution and Maxis’ M2M capability
Love On Wheels Healthcare Services is the first healthcare provider to adopt the solution as part of its extended healthcare offering
Maxis  bundles  the EWL Zilant™ Health Server with M2M connectivity and access to the EWL patient monitoring portal to provide an innovative patient care solution
A winning combination of local players collaborating on a cross industry ecosystem leveraging the latest technology and business models to extend traditional healthcare delivery

Maxis Berhad (Maxis), Malaysia’s leading communications service provider and Embedded Wireless Labs (EWL), a home-grown healthcare solutions provider, have announced their partnership today to bring to market a new Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solution for Health Monitoring. The solution leverages on EWL’s remote patient monitoring solution and Maxis’ M2M capabilities, with which patients’ wellness and vital signs can be remotely captured by healthcare providers and then monitored via any smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop. Love On Wheels Healthcare Services Sdn. Bhd. (LOWHS), an innovative, new breed of local extended healthcare providers recognised by the Malaysian Government, is the first user to adopt the solution for their patients.

With the M2M Health Monitoring Solution, a patient’s health data will first be collected through a range of Bluetooth enabled medical devices and sent to EWL’s Health Server, which can then be remotely accessed in real time by clinicians and care-givers via the EWL patient monitoring portal. Maxis enables connectivity to the Zilant™ Health Server, with an M2M 3GB data plan.

T.Kugan, Maxis’ Head of Digital Services, said, “Our partnership with EWL and having LOWHS on board as our flagship customer represents an ecosystem of local players offering secure connectivity, innovative IT solutions and healthcare services. This is a winning combination that innovates around traditional healthcare service delivery models, and we hope this is the first of many M2M solutions which leverages technology to drive innovation in key vertical industries. We believe this mutually beneficial partnership is a step in the right direction for all parties in working towards a future where customers will have greater mobile access to healthcare services through technology.”

G U Renukanand, Chief Operating Officer of Embedded Wireless Labs, said “Maxis & Embedded Wireless are changing the healthcare landscape by enabling companies such as Love On Wheels to offer targeted healthcare services with IT & Cloud based infrastructure (SaaS). This is an amalgamation of connectivity, healthcare, IT & SaaS services which is true IoT (Internet of Things) in play.”

“Focused on revolutionising healthcare by providing quality, affordable and accessible services to our community, today’s collaboration has levelled up our quest. With the M2M Health Monitoring Solution, our patients are empowered to self-care and clinicians have real time access of condition-specific data. This sets a pathway for a new healthcare experience in Malaysia,” said K. Mohan Kumar, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, LOWHS.

The key features and benefits of the M2M Health Monitoring Solution include:

Zilant™ Health Server with Maxis M2M connectivity, which captures patients’ condition-specific data through Bluetooth enabled medical devices
Access to a patient’s health data in real-time through an online patient monitoring portal accessible via web and mobile devices
Setting a specific trigger to send notifications via SMS or email to doctors, healthcare personnel and caregivers
Video-conferencing and in-portal discussion between doctors, healthcare personnel and patients
In 2011, Maxis launched Managed M2M, the country’s first managed wireless machine-to-machine service that enables businesses to leverage on wireless Internet connectivity to increase efficiency and productivity. Maxis Managed M2M has since been revamped to offer customers more enhanced offerings such as an improved Managed M2M portal with better features, new rate plans and superior customer support.

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