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What is VoLTE (Voice over LTE)?

VoLTE is an advanced technology that delivers crystal-clear sound over voice calls, across the Maxis network. It is almost like the person you are on the phone with is right next to you. Get crystal-clear voice calls, reduced background noise, and the ability to surf at 4G speeds even while on a call with VoLTE on our 5G-ready network.

Super fast call setup time

Connect on calls with your loved ones instantaneously.

Simultaneous voice and 4G data

Stay online with uninterrupted 4G data, even during voice calls.

HD call quality

Crystal-clear voice calls with Malaysia's No. 1 Network*

Instant switching

Zero delay when switching between voice and video calls.

*Based on MCMC QoS Network Performance Report 2020

How can I enjoy VoLTE?

Step 1

Ensure your smartphone can support VoLTE and upgrade the smartphone to latest software versions.

Step 2

In your smartphone, tap "Settings".

Step 3

 Tap on "Mobile Network" then select "Mobile Data".

Step 4

Click on "Enable VoLTE".

Note: Steps to enable VoLTE may differ subject to device models

Device Support VoLTE

Does my device support VoLTE?

Don't worry if your device is not in the list of supported devices. We are working
with all mobile brands to bring VoLTE support to your phone soon.