eKelas Usahawan and Iskandar Investment Berhad Collaborate to Empower Johor Entrepreneurs with Digital Marketing Strategies

Maxis eKelas Usahawan, in collaboration with Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB), successfully hosted a Digital Marketing workshop on August 3rd, 2023. The free event which took place at Common Ground Iskandar Puteri is an immersive workshop carefully designed to supercharge business growth through the application of digital marketing strategies and tools.

The workshop attracted a dynamic group of participants, consisting of small business owners spanning various industries, including bakers, multimedia company owners, thrift fashion entrepreneurs, property managers, laboratory suppliers, and aspiring business owners.

Participants were exposed to an array of impactful learning opportunities, including:

  • Discovering the boundless potential of digital marketing within today's dynamic business landscape.
  • Unlocking proven strategies to effectively connect with and engage their target audiences.
  • Diving into the realm of digital marketing tools and learning to leverage them for maximum impact.
  • Mastering practical tips and tricks to enhance their online presence and amplify brand visibility.
    Connecting with like-minded individuals, fostering idea exchange and cultivating collaborations for future business success.

"Highly informative and of excellent quality" - Katherine Hia Sew Nooi, an aspiring business owner who participated in the workshop


"The best... clear and easily understood delivery" - IT store owner, Mohd Suffiyyan Radzi bin Mohd Syah

The success of the digital marketing workshop reaffirms the commitment of eKelas Usahawan to fostering entrepreneurship and business excellence through innovative digital marketing education and tools. As digitalisation continues to reshape the business landscape, workshops like these become pivotal in empowering businesses to adapt and thrive in the digital era.