eKelas making English learning ‘HIP’

eKelas is making English learning hip for Malaysian students! We are bringing eKelas HIP English Storyfest Competition to schools nationwide and getting students to put their English skills to the test through our storytelling and writing competition which is running now until 31 May 2021. This competition is open to all Year 4 to Form 5 students who registered in eKelas portal at www.ekelas.com.my

HIP is short for 'Highly Immersive Programme', which was introduced by the Ministry of Education in 2016 with the aim of improving the English proficiency of students by increasing their exposure to the language through a variety of activities within and beyond the classroom. Since 2019, eKelas' English competitions has been recognized as one of the activities under the HIP. Students who participate in the competition will be able to collect co-curricular marks at the National level which are included in their school certificate.

Students who are interested to participate in eKelas HIP English Storyfest Competition are encouraged to sign up in the eKelas portal. They can watch tutorial videos which have been curated to guide them on how to write a good essay and tips to sharpen their English-speaking skills. Once they completed the tutorial videos, they can choose to write the essay OR record themselves telling a story from a prepared script.

In conjunction with the launch of the competition, eKelas is running a campaign with Astro Ceria’s popular teenage drama series, SMK to produce a special series called SMK Edisi Maxis eKelas. Students can sign up an account, log into the eKelas portal and watch this exclusive series featuring Wafiy, Mia Sara and their friends as they navigate daily life and try to speak in English. They will be sharing tips on fun ways to learn English while encouraging viewers to join the eKelas HIP English Storyfest Competition.

Further information on the eKelas HIP English Storyfest Competition is available at https://www.ekelas.com.my/english-hip-smk/