Alert: Beware of

Alert: Beware of

SMS Scam Purporting to be from Maxis

What’s behind our drive in pursuing education in the digital world?

Here are just some of the stories told by our own eKelas students who are connected to eKelas, either through the weekly live tutorial sessions for English, Mathematics and Science or by accessing our eKelas portal for learning resource materials. These resources are available for them to revise anytime, anywhere, all year long to prepare for exams and communicate with peers from all around the country.

Meanwhile, here are some proud moments from parents as they share their thoughts about their children’s journey:

While working to bring out the best of our students and leveling them up, the power of these stories and the communities who rally behind them became an inspiration for us to do more and do better. It is stories like these which highlight their journey to improve themselves and succeed against all odds. To show our commitment in championing their educational journey, Maxis eKelas has been partnering with organisations who also believe in the same things as we do: bringing education to more students in need across borders by using the power of technology.

You can expect more exciting news on our upcoming collaborations in the near future. Stay tuned!