Alert: Beware of

Alert: Beware of

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#CikguCikguUKM Series is back for 2020

The #CikguCikguUKM video series is back for 2020, with a new batch of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s (UKM) postgraduate students working together to co-create English, Science and Math learning content.

Group listening to talk

On 13 March, we conducted a workshop session at UKM’s Faculty of Education to share tips on how to develop a good storyline and the basics of video production.

Shooting scenes

For this series of videos, the overall theme was about combining the green screen and animation technique. It was a delight to see Students having fun exploring the various ways of how they can shoot scenes according to their story, and discussing ideas on the types of animated characters they will be creating in the coming months. We can’t wait!